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The other day, I flew back to Kuching to attend my buddy’s wedding dinner…





Anyway, a Happy Wedding and congratulations to my bro. Now, 2 down, 7 to go..

I can’t wait to get ang pows (red packets with $) from them. Bwahahahaha.. It’s a custom for the married couple to give ang pows the singles during Chinese New Year. XD

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  1. Your school can bring guitar to school meh?
    Hehe, Jealous sister in law is jealous.
    I remember you mention it before that you always skip history class. Why eh?

    Can bring anything XD
    we run the school hahhaa
    coz history used to be so boring and turned out in the end, what we learned are lies anyway

  2. Haha, tiger sis-in-law… seems that cats shouldn’t lie about how many lives they have left, it could be dangerous! lol

    hahaha very dangerous XD

  3. Well U can still play the guitar & court more gals man…

    One more thing, how much $$ to give during all those weddings???

    Got different price one u know..

    long time no play adi. XD

    1. Post
  4. ang pao’s is the reason why people don’t want get married…

    1) married – have to give ang pao,,,,money fly away…
    2) not married – money come come come…muahahahahha

    hahaha indeed but ang pao also lesser when older

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