TEDxGurneyDrive: Oh Stop it, You.

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The incident above happened last year when I was a illustrator partner for the TEDxGurneyDrive. I did the design for the Tshirts and also some caricature drawings of the speakers as a token of appreciation.

Then I heard that someone tried to steal my work. * Sweat *. Anyway, it was a good that the organizer helped out by keep mentioning me and my work. hehe.. Thank you 😀

Anyway, here’s some photos taken with my phone camera. XD

le pretty host.

In case, you don’t know, I do Caricature too.

Everyone was laughing at this one tho as I had the skin tone too dark. ^^”

Well, in the end..

Thanks to walk up to me and greet me 🙂

A big wave to the Penang readers!!

and also a big Bow to the organizer for the opportunity.  😀

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  1. I hate these kind of people. >: (
    Last time my video projects with friends for assignment was taken and edited into another group’s video without given credits. I was so so mad that time.

    But people will try to steal your work because you did a good job. 😉

    Sigh.. sad kan

  2. Did he tell everyone he did the work?
    Aish, really hate people who try to steal some credit from other people’s work.
    But yeah, they steal because they know you did the good work and jealous because they can’t do the same.

    that’s what the organizer told me. 🙁

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