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  1. when helping my mom making cake, usually when mix the dough i add up some ants and watch them drown in the dough 😐 OMG WHY
    but actually it’s quite fun to watched 🙁
    and my mom still doesn’t know about it…

    OMG!! evil ~~

    and you guys had ant cake XD

  2. Awww Oggy & the Cockroach is my favorite till now!!!

    Was super happy whenever I heard the beginning soundtrack when I was small… LOL

    hahaha it was the only cartoon that can makes me laugh like mad

  3. OGGY AND THE COCKROACH!!!!! Very stupid but super funny…Oggy very pitty always kena bully by the roaches. X’D

    Super pity. he always lose in the fight with them.

  4. To save electricity, i off the oxygen pumping machine. Ending: a tank of dead gold fishs.

    omg!!! poor fishes

  5. O.M.G oggy and cockroach! *high five* miao!!
    seriously, i couldnt find a friend of mine who loves oggy and the cockroach and i thought im the odd one who loves it =.= *though i hate cockroaches alot!*

    High five!!!! me too hahaha
    maybe one who hate cockroaches will like it

  6. There was once when I was young, I ate ice cream from the freezer without permission. (I was suppose to ask permission before eating n had like a certain quota that I could eat). It was a new box.. So after stealing some, I defrost / melted the ice cream n made it all look flat n like never been touch.. Needless to say, at that point, I thought I was damn smart to figure it out but of course my dad knew it when he had the first look of the melted de freeze again ice cream.. So I got an earful from him after that.. Lol..

    That’s pretty smart lorr hahaha

  7. When I was small…I did the typical 90’s kid did. LOL
    I cycled to my uncle’s house, around 3 km and then go back home, in fasting month, near break o’s fast, with my lil brother and a friend of us. I think it’s still a secret between us. XD

    Wahh we did that too but was caught XD
    everyone got a good scolding except me.

  8. When i was small.. being a good boy i helped cleaned the kitchen but spilled the oil container. After cleaning it up with a rag, i decided to wash the rag… using the washing machine! lol so yea, it was always on full load settings and i put in like a whole cup of detergent. all that for a rag… xD

    wahahahaha XD

  9. I don’t think oggy and the cockroach is on when u were a small kid. u liar! ahahhaha… please jangan perasan muda… :p

    The silliest thing I did when I was small was told to me by my parents… over and over and over and over and over (well u get the picture) again. I played house or cooking or tea party or something the like with my then 1 or 2 years old sister (I was 4 years older than her) and she was the host of that party. My father awoke from his slumber to see me drinking some sort of water from the plastic-toy-cup and he wonders where did we got the water. so he follows my sister who went into the toilet and scooped it up from the toilet bowl. They said that might be the secret to my smartness. lol…

    I always call my friend chicken jack when the show is on ler. Need to check back with him when was it.
    omg! toilet bowl @@

  10. not long ago i mentioned one of your post you look like oggy and cockroach and now you blog it hahahahha…it’s time to watch it back…=D

    but i can’t laugh like how i used to 🙁

    1. it means we’re old…i still laugh but not like younger time…and still like to copy the theme song…try to a kids once again…=D

      sometimes its nice to be a kid again

  11. Hahaha, u can only let the adults watch oggy and the cockroaches, not the kids! They’ll learn whatever shit from the cartoon just like Meow … LoLs

    nowadays no cartoon is suitable for kids :/

  12. Omg I loveeeee Oggy and the Cockroaches!! I hope Wafu and Pafu doesn’t bully you like the cockroaches tho! ;P

    They do T3T huhuhu

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