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  1. Hahaha. Yup, very safe place.
    It happen to muslim too, biskut raya will finish even before raya.

    hahaha safest place, once go in never comes out

  2. Haha, very safe place! But not when your family asks you for them…then it becomes dangerous. “Chase the cat!!”

    hahahhaha XD indeed *runs*

  3. My clever mum will keep it in a safe place and dun let us to eat before CNY^^
    This year didn buy much oso as I make all the cookies myselfXD

    wahhh i want your cookies too

  4. Yupe… cNy still a week away.. and my family oredi whack… 3 tin of kuih kapit… 4 tin of kuih bangkit…1 tin beehive…1 butter cookie…. Hahaha…pretty much like miao…

    Wahhhh that’s a lot

  5. be careful of the volume u eat, or else every miao u draw in future will need to add tummmy…

    hahah already start drawing tummy on miao XD

  6. so true! between husband and me we already finished 1 tin of pineapple tart, 2 huge bags of keropok and chocs and…don want to think about it liao

    Wahhhhh better hide them away

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