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Kiut Cases!

Currently, we have only Iphone 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 models. Kindly wait if you’re not using these two models. More models will be coming out soon.

At the mean time, have a look at the cases in details.


Print specifications includes:

Wear and Scratch resistance: Don’t worry if you accidentally put your phone with your keys. The print is solid enough to withstand such pressure.

Semi Matte: Hate those fingerprints on your cases? The semi matte print prevents fingerprint.

Easy to wash: Getting dirt on your casing? Easily remove them by erasing them off with an eraser, rub it with your hand or rinse it with water.

Currently, there are 4 designs available at the moment.

Hello Miao: Miao saying hi with his beloved two hamsters hanging on his big head.

Relax in the park: Miao&WafuPafu laying on a field of grass, relaxing and enjoying the breeze with a 3 layered tea. What a life. XD

Zzz’ing: A fish cap, a fish bolster and a fish pillow. It’s everyone’s favorite time!! Slee..zzz..*snores*

Miao in KL: Red alert! Red alert! Miao ate too much Malaysian food and turned into a giant cat! OMG! He’s still munching on satays!!


No idea what it means?

Well, it means that…

..the print is 3D carved. You can feel the print with your fingers.  ^^



The Iphone 4/4S and Galaxy S2 are using two different materials.

The tupperware alike material are light but stronger than normal plastic. If you’re afraid of inner scratches between the case and the phone due to dust/micro particles, you may purchase a back protector film. ( Lelong site)

The hybrid material on the other hand provides a non slip feature (when face down) with it’s rubbery texture.

Each case comes with a pillow box to prevent any direct damage to the cases.


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Comments 23

  1. How to pay? Buy more got discount?

    At the moment, online transfer or machine T/T.

    At the moment, we’re offering free delivery which can save up to 16% off the price.
    For more discount for more qty is not available at the moment as we have already receiving orders for more than 1 pc.
    It will be unfair for them to offer this now.

    Your current spending will not be wasted too as each spending on our merchandise will rewarded with points and these will either converted into discount coupons or store values for next purchase. These rewards will available once the online store is available. 🙂

    1. Can I get update on this too? Wanted to buy two, if got discount that would be awesome 😀 Thanks miao! :3

      Updated 😀
      You can check out the reply there.

  2. I would like to make a wish~~~ so that i can have this cute case… 😀
    (make wish on I can own a smart phone first…or else i can only copy Ah Miao here n draw myself on my phone case…LOL!!!)

    hahaha what phone are you using?

  3. Awwhhh, so kiut tahap dewa…
    can propose S3 Mini model?

    hahhahah thank you!! 😀
    eh if i manage to get an order of 50pcs

  4. they are all so cute! but i don’t have all these phone T__T
    will you make any casing for galaxy note? 🙁

    Note eh? will think about it but high chance is a no. 🙁

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