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  1. =.=” you’re another one of them who put toothpaste first then wash with water.

    Think about this, your toothbrush should be cleaned first because got cockroach and mice hug before.

    ehehehe. evil smile xD

    Oh i clean and wet paste.
    Basically do it twice.
    Why? coz i was taught like this when i was small in school. now it’s a habit hahah

  2. Gahaha~ Aww.. You should buy the promo pack “Buy 1 free 1” cx

    i always buy that coz my toothpaste kinda expensive ^^

  3. That happened to me quite a lot of times, but usually I still have some toothpaste left.
    Haha, yep, very frustrated everytime it dropped when I wet my toothbrush along with it. xD

    hahha next time dip in bowl of water 😛

  4. The paste gone that fast? usually I just use my toothbrush to take it back up from the sink lols

    Watch it goes XD hahaha
    more dramatic

  5. Haha, it’s happened to me before too…but never with the last bit of toothpaste. And I wash my toothbrush before putting the toothpaste on, which means when the toothpaste falls off, it falls off on its own *sigh*

    hahahah suicide toothpaste. XD

  6. when this happens.. I cut open the toothpaste tube, and use my toothbrush to scrape out any toothpaste left inside.. usually still enough for one brush at night and one brush in morning! then must remember when I’m out to buy more!! 😀

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