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  1. Seems got pattern that is missing but cant think of any.. I know the after effect of CNY: work piling pattern.. a lorry of workload! X_X

    i think it’s more like a twin tower tall of workload!!

  2. I’m the moodless, for sure.
    So lazy yet have to work to meet the due date.

    i hv so many due dates that i want the time to stop :/

  3. I’m labelled as the sick this year, I got a mild sore throat and flu…

    Apart from that immediately after the CNY break I have 2 assessment tests upcoming, so also partly on moodless as well. =w=

    Reply:wah 2 assessment test right after break
    potong steam a lot.

  4. Energetic for open school! Love learning.
    but when think of projects and assignments coming become so sienz…

    hahaha i love school too 😀
    too bad no more school for me :/

  5. I’m the sick…it’s been 1 week plus still cannot recover ish!! and i really miss the lazy ass moments…=C

    omg, coughing?
    hahaha me too but it contagious, hopefully the lazy ass go away

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