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  1. Ahahah. Miao is so demanding.
    But that’s a good use of sickness, isn’t it? We can ask anything we want.
    Your sister must be stressful to take care of you guys.
    Get well soon.

    Sick cat is king 😛 hehehe

  2. Haha, poor sister… but it’s true, it’s easier to buy everything at the same place. If it were me, I would set a place and you can only order food that is sold there… 😛

    Wah you also jahat!

  3. what will you do when u don’t know what to eat but everyone keep looking at you… i mean staring!! because they have done ordering theirs…. e.e…

    i have this problem all the time… -__-)=3……

    seldom have this problem here in Kuching XD
    I will always order mee kolok if i dunno what to order

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