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  1. what about your daddy? i mean how she persuade or threaten your daddy to eat medicine?

    Haha my dad will eat himself no need anyone to persuade him XD

  2. yer why your mummy so cute one? XD I expect your Dad is the one doing the feeding. (never seen you draw your dad and mom together one…?)

    They always say people turns into children when they grew older XD
    hahah coz nothing to draw about

  3. Me too don’t like consume medicine – prefer depend on own ability to recover, unless serious diseases
    (to train immunity and recover ability

    Me too but my immunity very weak πŸ™ to cure itself

  4. So cute la your mom, scared to eat medicine.
    As for me, I don’t like pills because it’s hard to swallow. XD

    She don’t like the taste of them. XD
    i also dont like pills, so hard lorrr
    sometimes whole glass water drank, the pills still there

  5. ur mom is so cute!! XDD <3 <3
    and i don't want to be your sis… e.e.. such a challenging job to have in house….

    everyone hv challenging job in the house XD
    different jobs

  6. I’m the only child so when no one is around and i did not take med no one knows…XD mum always remind me to take med but when comes to her, she delay her med intake time. But now i have boyf to check on me and med (to see the med have had lessen or not) no more cheating =c and i still have cough #cough why u no leave me alone!!!#

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      hahaha ur mum sounds like mine XD

      awww.. got bf to take care of other word, fan u take med hahaha
      wah he also very geng.
      u can pretend and pour away the med ler.
      gosh what am i teaching here ><

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