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The next day…

and that’s what I thought. A few days in the company I noticed…

It’s a trend to leave for another job within the first week of employment when the newcomers received a better offer elsewhere. Gosh I was so naive back then… responsibility… promise with lady boss.. 1 year can get the salary and stuff .. =.=

Then again, I didn’t regret tho. I managed to meet awesome colleagues and friends and even managed to draw so many Miao XD Poor but happy.

If you were me and happened to receive a better offer, would you leave?

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  1. Sad to say that was how I felt during my first job. Now I jump at every opportunity but after a few jumps, I finally decided to stay at one location.

    At least now I feel satisfied.

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  2. I agree that by changing jobs you can increase your salary quickly but for me, I don’t believe in changing jobs just for that sake.

    I’ve been with my current job for two years and my boss has a point when she tells me to stay because how much can you learn in two years that make you more experienced?

    It will also not look good on your resume when the employer sees how many times you have changed jobs. It shows that the person does not know what he/she wants. An employer wouldn’t want to hire and train someone, and have him/her leave therefore having to re-train a new person all over again.

    You mentioned that it is a trend for newcomers to change job once they get a better offer. I’ve seen many who are like that and I am totally against it. Hence I believe you weren’t naive promising what you did back then. You did the responsible thing because you took your boss into account and that matters. Imagine if you left, what impression would you have left on your boss?

    I’m happy with my current job, my boss is great and I plan to stay on even if I don’t get as much salary as my other friends. How much you earn is defined by you and not others. What seems low to them might not seem so to you. So I rather stay and be happy than change just to get more money.

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  3. I love my job but not the company I work with.
    so, anything that give me better chance in life, I’d grab it for sure. hahaha.. ;D

    but for a week…? I don’t think I’ll do that.

    Oh my..
    why? company treat you bad eh?

  4. In the first week…yes, I would leave. But I wouldn’t say during the interview that I won’t leave… 😛

    The boss asked T3T
    so have to say.

  5. it depend on what situation you’re in…if you’re not happy with the work then you’ll leave, or you got a shitty boss. If you’re happy with the job or with the boss then you’ll stay. That’s based on my experience la…sometimes ppl love the job but due to some shitty boss they’ll leave as well…

    Actually only a couple days at work, too soon to tell all that.
    Later on, everyone turned out okay, the colleagues, jobs, bosses are good just company not good haha in treating employees

  6. Definitely I would. I am over worked with my current job. Most of the time is one man show.

    But, I manage to meet a few good colleagues & a really-really good colleague who is my inspiration. She’s very wise. Unfortunately, She left last month. :'(

    She left right? XD It’s a sign and that’s your inspiration 😛

  7. I see the environment condition first, if the environment was nasty in first job, I rather choose 2nd offer, of course money that counts a lot.. but if u’re not happy in nasty environment.. it’s hard for u to survive as well. it’s all about win win situation here. Depend what u wants… I think 1 week u roughly get whole environment idea.. some are given 2 weeks notice.. I serve until probation period. When 6 mths I was about to confirm but the current environment are really sucks, I got a better offer… Why not??

    Ya, usually a couple of days can get to know the environment and company status. I have a colleague who always bring the newcomers walk tru a old production sector which is kinda rundown and the newcomers always ended up leaving the next day XD

    I suppose they might thought the company is not doing well. hahah

  8. Erm, i got a different opinon though(>.>>> tiada teamwork in the office, everyone is trying to make them self survive in the company, thus kena backstabbing is a must ( canot avoid).

    (2) Salary is less then RM1.5 K with limited employee benefits. Job is wonderful, Boss and co-work easy yo get alone, employee & boss help each other, everything is teamwork. Langsung tiada stress one.

    Which one will you choose? I will definately choose the 2nd one. ( base on my 5 years working as OL)

  9. Depends.
    For sure, it would be bad if I leave the company just after a couple of days working.
    I’m still stay at the same company who pay me so little than other company can offer. But I had responsibility here so I can’t leave just yet.
    Poor me. T__T

    I know. T3T
    Most of my ex colleagues are like that too, they always feel bad to leave with a half complete project, their superior or subordinates.

  10. omg, so look alike like my case.. now wanna leave my com too although just work not long ago.. T.T

    Coz got better offer eh?
    How’s the environment and prospect?

  11. I receive another interview from a big company few days before I started work.

    Can’t say I regret, because the location in this company is super convenient I can even go back home and take a nap during lunch hour. But that’s the only plus point I guess… ><

    hahah sounds like my old company

  12. Are you sure U’re very responsible??? Impossible Bro, u must be bullshitting, man.

    In terms of life, we choose to be responsible or the reverse way. If we humans give 100% or more in responsibility, this world won’t be chaos & U would’nt think about world domination or world destroyer all the time.

    hahah you’re a funny guy xD

  13. Well, I’ll see… if my current boss is nicess, the work and salary is ok, i will stay. If only my boss is evil and always torture me, then for sure i’ll leave!

    ouu.. i kinda miss my own company just that salary not ok

  14. my mom say..

    mom: once you start working.. remember… when another company give you better offer then the company you were working in right now.. you no need to think too much… just go..

    me.. O.O……

    hahahah mother’s thinking.

  15. You should discuss with your boss about the offer other company giving you. Discuss with her whether she wants to beat other company’s offer or not. If you are the valuable employee and she really likes the way you do your job she surely will beat the wage offered by the other company. But if she don’t want to beat the wage offered by the other company, so you have to decide wisely whether u want to stay or leave for other company.

    Just started a day. XD I think she will just let go. hahaha

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