When Miao was a Kitten…

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Miao made his own rule.

Blowing the food removes germs. XD It’s better than the 3 seconds rule.

Honestly, who ever did this when he/she was small?Β Come admit, don’t be shy πŸ˜›


On the side note, I will be in Penang this coming Friday for work for a week. ^^ Β Maybe i can sneak out during toilet break. LOL.. Anyone here from Penang?

Comments 22

  1. Wahaha…I didn’t even bother blowing it… πŸ˜› And I thought the rule was 5 seconds, not 3 seconds?

    Where are you working? I’m from Penang too…

  2. I am from Penang. I love all your drawings and always looking forward for your next post. Its hilarious and cute. Keep up the hard work!

  3. LoL.. don’t say small, even until now.. I also got do that.. especially food drop on the table when I use chopstick to pick up the food. Can eat don’t waste, but.. mom advised not to eat while eating outside… erm, at home.. can la.. confirm it’s clean lolz =P

  4. i bet everyone did this before…even did not fall down on the floor, like table and so on we still pick it up and eat and i think ppl still doing it especially fav chips, we’ll go “aiya…dun waste, still can eat one…” besides that we grow up doing like this since young especially kampung kids sure experience it. and I’m from Penang!!! i’m from island not mainland…

  5. I do that, because don’t want to waste food.
    Btw I like your hamster sister reaction ^^

  6. I did that too!! πŸ˜€ Now grew up, pick up also depends on the condition, I mean hygiene condition~ πŸ˜›
    I’m not sure whether am I over thinking, I felt who do this in their childhood, normally their immune system were much more stronger… Just my thought~~Im not sure~~ XD

  7. Well, I’m usually did that past years ago. But now, I’m studying about hygiene, so need to avoid that habit. Huhuhu

    omg! you must hv found something scary! faster share

  8. I am from Penang!!! I also used to do that and not care about the germs, you are not going to die also…. maybe πŸ˜›

    hahaha but there’s risk

  9. I still do the same until now, my hubby always scold me for that…cos he said is not hygiene, but i don’t really care. LoL… i’ll just blow and eat whenever he’s not around πŸ˜›

    wah u better dont do now coz ada baby adi

  10. i don’t mind to low and eat it even is after an hour… ewe…. as long as i know im the one who drop it… o.o

    wah an hour @@

  11. Actually I heard the 8-second rule. lol.
    I look at the surrounding. If it’s clean don’t really care how many seconds. lol

    well if it’s your favorite snack, 8 secs can become 80seconds rule XD

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