Job Searching and Interview Preparation.

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2 weeks ago, I promised a reader that I will give some advice on what to do after graduation and job interviews..

So here we go.. After 4-5 years of happy time..

You can get  a job.

(p/s: this is not the only choice tho, will talk about alternative in the end of this post)




So how to start finding?

If you have a company you wish to join, you can send your resume and application letter to them. If you have a friend already working , you can ask them to help you to pass your resume. Do treat them a meal after that ya whether or not you got accepted. 🙂

You won’t lost a single hair by sending. It’s okay if you’re under qualified because it is them who decide that not you. Who knows they change their mind and need a fresh grad instead and they will contact you.

Do not expect direct feedback. Do give the company a buffer of at least a week time, then gave them a call and ask them about your application status. Don’t just sit there waiting aimlessly. Do search for more jobs, send more applications, attend job fairs etc.


If you got a call for an interview, do be prepare right away. If you do it last minute you will found out your shirt smells, shoes dirty, document missing, etc.. #truestory


Especially in stuff you have not done before.

Then again sometimes it’s okay to add a little salt and pepper in what you have done.

The interviewers are from different education backgrounds and some things that seems norm to them might not to you. If you say no directly, it seems like you do not listen to class or do not wish to learn but if you explain about your situation then it might appear some how better.

I’m not sure whether this will help you or not but hope it gives a little insight. Interview is all about presenting yourself positively. Even bad points about yourself but make it sounds like it’s a good way of bad.  For example, my bad point is that I’m a perfectionist, I have this habit to make sure all my tasks are perfectly done. So I can be very picky on the small details.

It’s all about confidence. They won’t eat you. Sometimes they will asked about the projects or thesis you have done. It’s okay if you’re wrong but you think you’re right. As long as you answer them in confidence then okay already. (i think)

And keep an eye on your small movements like scratching your head, nose etc.. It shows uncertainty and lying. XD

If you have questions, ask them. And always show this feeling that you’re interested in working with them or in their company or the job offered. 🙂


who knows they might be able to see them.



Honestly, even tho I advised this way but I’m the honest type, I always ended up telling the truth. There’s once when the interviewer asked me whether I will go back to Borneo. I said yes. He said if there’s a better offer, I said I will still go back. He was a little back off and said he’s not interested in hiring short term employee.

But in the end, I worked longer than the guy he hired after that. lol XD


I mentioned I will talked about alternative choices. Well, beside looking for a job.

– You can actually go and request for a scholarship (if you have good grades and into further studies abroad). There are a few out there.

– Go for a working holiday aboard. Will need some cash for Visa, flight and some security purposes tho.

– Offer yourself as an intern for companies you are interested in or jobs that can offer you experience and skills that you will find useful. (Usually for those companies that do not want to hire anyone at that moment). The thing is, you will be working for free or at an intern rate. Then again, the experience and skills you gain will look good in your resume for next job. 🙂

– Join charity groups or NGO. 😛 WWF is a good choice coz the animals need you T3T

Anyway, no matter what you choice you made, welcome to the cruel world. XD Stay strong.


Anyone who have anything to add on. Tips on interview, job searching etc. Do comment down here and help our fresh grad friends here. ^^

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  1. 1st time seeing you narrate an article along with comics….. nice articles…..

    yes,, those softwares are nowadays highly demanding… i cannot afford to resign from my current work =( how sad…. feel very old to go studying ==”

    wont lar. never too old to go studying

  2. Well.. I just finished my diploma.. now I was working as a flash designer and also study part time for my degree…. this is a both win situation if you are a multimedia student and wished to continue this path for you future… it might be hard as 1st… but all the hard work will pay off once you have graduated. . Cos you will have both working experience and also degree… well… if you don’t wish to be so stressful… just go for anything you like other then sitting at home and watch tv… ^^

    yep anything than sitting watching tv

  3. Ahemmm….lucky i was not ur interviewer coz i would haf found ur pinochio nose growing an inch longer……coz the last i use excel only for tabulations and spreadsheet whereas for presentation we would have used powerpoint instead, no?… 😛

    we don’t use excel at all during uni. just words and powerpoint only

  4. Very true of the tips on the preparation when going to interviews.

    Interested to publish your tips into a book???

    Also, U r 28 years old… Hmmm 2 more yrs befor coming to 30…

    Nope xD

  5. Awesome article! You need to remember in most corporate companies some common questions that kinds of get tricky are “How would you see yourself 3 yrs down the road?” This question or similar “If we hire you, how would you seed yourself 3 or 5 yrs from now?”

    My answer. . “Successful and climbing the corporate ladder” but it’s not entirely the right answer but is somehow reasonable. I’ve seen many fail at interviews being struck at this question because it gets tricky. .

    Oh and this question “If your friends and family were sitting here, what are the 3 positive and 3 negative characteristics about u?”

    And this question “If you had a choice to choose between MONEY, STATUS & TIME which of these 3 will be your priority from most important to last important and why?”

    Answers for the above two are also tricky. You can’t be all perfect because nobody is perfect so they’ll know you’re lying which is bad. Try to tell abit of truth but if it’s a bad characteristic try to find another word for it or explain it better. Example… my negative points is I love to play the computer alot but the explanation for this is. It is not just the games because I love to experience new things on my own and on my pc I can surf the net, create slides for my pictures, excels for my personal budget expense, words for lyrics that I can sing to and just so much more. And I also lack of sleep only because when I am working into something I will give my full attention to it even until late night just to get it done right.

    It’s how you explain yourself =)
    Ps. Been working for 11yrs only with a SPM cert and based solely on experience. Just hope to share some of mine here. But akiraceo article here hits the mark! Good read and good luck! Hehe

    Long one but good one 😀
    Thanks for providing the info

  6. Wow…what a good comic. Thanks for the advice.
    I’m sure it will help one reader or two if not all. XD

    yeahh.. 😀
    oh you’re welcome

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