The Last Post. This is the End. Good Bye.

If you have been following my tweeter or FB.. I have been quite emo lately…

because I’m closing down Miao&WafuPafu…

Here’s the last post..

I shall see you guys if we have any fate.. :’)

The below are just some final words, I would like to say.. 🙁








Bahahahaha!!  I’m sorry for those who fall for this prank.


Honestly, I love drawing and also WafuPafu, so they will still be around. ^^

But still, do continue to support us BIG BIG 🙂 And actions speak more motivation than words, and actions like below are super duper whooper burger welcomed and appreciated!.

– Comment all the way

– “Like” the post and “like” our page,  (HERE)

– Share our blog to your friends,

– Check out our product, if it doesn’t suit you. Use a gun to force your friends  to check out our products instead.  ( CLICK )

Hahaha.. Please help to spread Miao&WafuPafu around T^T. Pretty please… Thank youu so much.

And by godly luck, hopefully one day, I can see a little girl hugging Wafupafu plushie on the street. *dreaming* Then I can rest in peace.


Oh, A Happy April Fool’s Day to all!!

P/S: The photo is not me. I lend my friend’s photo. XD He so gonna kill me.

Then again, I could be lying. I could be not too. It’s 1st of April. It’s hard to believe anything. 😛



Oh for those who follows me on Instagram, I’m not making IC for my daughter because obviously I’m not married. (For those who don’t understand what is this about, I did a prank by saying that I’m doing an IC for my daughter where actually I’m the one renewing my IC)



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