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  1. LOL, luckily the driver never use umbrella or steering lock to knock u geng geng. XXD

    Thank god for that XD

  2. I did this too, open door of wrong car…

    Once was after tuition, in the evening… the driver didn’t seem to notice me opening the car 😛

    hahaha he might thought u’re his child

  3. you should check the car plate before getting on~ XDD

    i can’t remember the car plate so i always remember everything that in the car.. like the sticker or stuff animal~… etc etc.. and once my mom remove them.. i will be standing there until my mom came out from the car or call out for me.. XDDD

    same here hahhaaha i remember all those stuff

  4. My friend kena before too. She was waiting for her bf (now husband) to pick her up. It was raining, so when a similar car come and stopped, she just went up and then started to scold the driver because she has waited for a very long time. Then she realized that the driver is not her bf. Embarrassingly she apologized and got down from the car lol.

    haahaha this is epic xD

  5. Wah…so dangerous. I always look at the number plate…because I’m very bad at recognising cars. So if I don’t know the number plate, I will have to look at the person inside (difficult if the windows are tinted)

    Same here i never remember and use my feelings XD

  6. LOL! I’ve experienced that before but to make things more fun!
    it was end of tuition, I thought my dad would pick me up (usually I walk home), then I entered the car, the pakcik had a mini heart attack. and I was in one of my friends (guy) car! (T___T)
    and after few classes I get teased by the class. =.=
    standard 5!

    hahahaha kesian XD

  7. Same! After tuition at night, I accidentally entered my tuition mate’s mother’s car >.<
    Sat in there and noticed that she wasn't my mom… So scary!!!

    But I guess this doesn't only happens to kids.
    The other day when I went to the bus station get my bro, this random guy also tried to open my car door at the back. Luckily it was locked. He tried to open many times until he realized he got the wrong car…. *imagine if he is really a bad guy* scary x1000

    Last time i ever kena. where this guy want to open door and rampas our phones

  8. Got one time me and my dad went to the bank, my mom waiting for us in the car. After that when we came out, we reach le car. I opened the back doors first, and noticed the interior upholstery is different, got a man waiting at the passenger seat somemore. I quickly slam the door shut. My dad laugh at me, hmm, but he himself also almost open the driver side door what.

    hahahah like father like daughter

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