Father of all Evils..

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The father of all evils is my dad…. 😐

Do you know anyone who did little evil stuff too?



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  1. My dad said there’s a “grace period” after the expiry date, and the “grace period” is up to his liking. After the “grace period”, he will still take it to feed
    the wild animals like birds, cats or even ants he said.


    Scorpion family theory XD

  2. Like Father like son.

    U Emperor Miao think of world domination.

    Your father Dark Vader thinks of world total obedience.

    As Dark Vader said: Luke, I’m your father…

    true XD

  3. Haha, I also don’t mind if some food are past their expiry date. As long as they still look and smell fine…I mean, they won’t turn into poison overnight!

    By the way, have you heard before that “best before” and “use by” are different? “Best before” means that the food can still be eaten after the date, only the quality might not be as good. But “use by” means that you should use it before the date. (I read it somewhere before, can’t remember where)

    i see.. now only i realize got difference

  4. woohoo… my mum’s boss also did that to her colleauges… bring rotten food/expired to workplace ask them eat… (good thg they know and not eat it then throw away next day)


  5. Actually it’ll still be edible.. won’t die from eating expired stuff, if it’s just 1 day or 2.

    thre’s a risk to be very sick

  6. Haha, If only expired one day or two, I might still eat it. Usually it won’t expire exactly on the spot one lah. I think lah.

    Bread is dangerous. i ever eaten and got food poisoning

  7. Haha, sometimes old people are tidak apa when it comes to expired food. As long as it doesn’t taste like it’s expired, it’s edible! XD

    yealo. they like less health cautious than us XD

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