Preparation for a Baby

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 14 Comments

Even though not mine but still very happy and excited hohoho..

I already planned stuff for her. hahaha

Then again…




iPhone 5 phone cases pre-order!!! Β Choose your designs!

Pre-order period from 11 April to 20 April.

Only will produce when the selected design hits the minimum quota. πŸ™‚

Production time: 2 weeks from 20 Apr.



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  1. #2!!!

    My laptop wallpaper is #2
    My phone theme is #2

    It’d be great if my phone cover is also #2!!!

    hahha it will be epic!

  2. So loving impossible dun like kids la~~ πŸ˜€ but I like to play people’s kids only… LOL!!

    i don’t like :/
    feel like karate chop them.

  3. hahahahaha exactly…..i also dont like kids but still want play with other ppl’s baby… =_=”

    uwaaa…no stock for ipad mini? =(

    hahah coz it’s not ours XD
    after play can give back.

    no πŸ™

  4. Haha, Miao doesn’t like kids, Miao likes kittens… (or chicks, if you look at the baby character… πŸ˜› )

    hahahah XD
    thre’s a period of age that i dislike

  5. Those are all great idea miao !
    Eggshell shape beanie
    Pafu bed
    Miao plushiee
    If it’s all for sale
    I wanna buy it alll……
    Please make all of that soonn
    And Open a miao land here in indonesiaaaaaaa
    Aaaa i’m a miaomania

    hard i heard some indo kinda anti msia product πŸ™

  6. Yeah, I also don’t like kids. I tot there must be something wrong with me. No motherly instincts at all. Zero, Kosong, Ling, 0.

    hahaha i don’t like humans.
    lagi wrong with me XD

  7. Her character is so cute.. can’t wait for her to appear here in ur blog~~ πŸ˜€

    Hope she will bully you as well.. 3:b

    Hoi! she will be my doll XD wahahaha

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