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  1. Hahahahaha this is funny! Absolutely agree with you. The weather is SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot, even when it’s 8am in the morning :O

    Exactly! Siao 1 right?

  2. haha, my mum is also like this! during the summer (i live in australia btw) she says we can turn on the air con as much as we like when it is our turn to pay the electricity bill!

    Woahhh *waves to an Aussie*
    Lol. same like my dad

  3. Wahaha…that what parents for.
    When they pay the bills, they minimize the electricity.
    But when we pay the bills, the electricity…

    hahah reached a new high record eh?

  4. the weather seriously really hot even pipe water also feel like warm water…i even throw some ice cubes into tub to bath…and it keep me stay chill for 3 hours like that…but not encouraging papa miao to do so…still miao can do it…XD

    hahhaha where you get so many ice to throw worr

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