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I need to have the volume up to listen to them as if I understand what are they saying. Heheh…

Just now, I was watching a Japanese comedy stage show on the TV, and I did the exact same thing again. XD I turned the volume up Β even though I was actually reading the subtitles. XP

My sister complained about that, but I saw her doing the same thing after that when she watched her Korean Show, Running Man. =.=

Oh, do you guys watch foreign movies that you don’t understand of?


Oh, speaking of Thai movie, they are actually quite nice πŸ˜€ (especially ghost movie but I don’t watch ghost movie). Here’s some movies for you girls to watch. πŸ™‚

1. Crazy Little Thing called Love

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Story: A girl who turned from a ugly duckling into a swan for a guy she loves.

2. Hello Stranger

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Story: 2 Strangers from Thai who met each other in Korea and fall in love.

3.Β FabulousΒ 30

Genre: Comedy/ Romance

Story: A 23 years old guy fall for a 30 years old lady.

4. First Kiss

Story: A working lady fall for a high school boy.

5. Yes or No

Genre: Romance

Story: A straight girl who fall for a tomboy.

6. Yes or No 2

Genre: Romance

Story: Sequel. Now with third party.

7. Billionaire

Genre: Inspiring

Story: How Β a boy becomes a Billionaire at Β 20+. Based on the true story of the founder of the Thailand seaweed snack, Millionaire.

Enjoy~ πŸ™‚


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Comments 21

  1. 2am.
    im supposed to study for finals but am too sleepy, also not able to sleep!
    i kept my laptop away already, but after saw miao’s tweet about updated blog, here i am, infront laptop loading one of those thai movies! yeah yeah yeah~~~~ XD

    wahahahah you’re welcome πŸ˜›

  2. Sometimes I also do that , want to learn some different languages , maybe , The movies u suggest , I think I watched some b4 .. quite nice … Starting like watch thai movie , Mr miao ?? πŸ™‚

    hahaha i started watching 4 years ago πŸ˜€

  3. I love thai movies!! Thank u Miao! N my mom loves Thai ghost movie T-T watched a lot cus she always drag me sob

    and i don’t like ghost movies!!!
    wahhhh kesian you

  4. me too…no matter what foreign language also i volume up audio, but it helps though learning their language…now i able to watch especially korea drama/movies/varieties show without reading the subtitles but the learning process takes me 10 years plus without reading or learning from books…

    OMG!!! you’re talented!!!
    how to do that yoo.. i only know a word or two

  5. Yea you can learn that language via this way.

    Anyway ada suara baru ada feel mar

    I still can’t catch a single word yet πŸ™

  6. I love Running Man too. HI-5… i do the exact same thing…The louder the vol the better , plus my own crazy laughter..this is the only moment i enjoy the most

    hahahah until ppl think you’re crazy eh?

  7. Haha, I like to turn the volume up too! But not too loud if it’s a language I don’t understand, just to hear the background sounds and the intonation of what they’re saying.

    If it’s a language I understand, then I definitely want to catch every word of the dialogue πŸ˜›

    I don’t know ler, i need to watch it like normal movies that i understand baru syok XD

  8. Well…yeah.
    Even though we don’t understand a word, we still want to hear what they say.
    If we’re just reading the subs without hearing anything, it’s like watching a silent show…XD

    Got sound but too softly, i need to turn it up too XD

  9. I will turn the up the volume nevertheless, since the sound effects and other stuff is important too. Even though I not necessary understand what they are saying.

    Unless I’m watching horror movies, I will shut off the volume. Less scary like that. Hahaha.

    wahahahahah exactly same here. ghost movies must be silent XD

  10. 1. Crazy Little Thing called Love….. SO NICE!!!!!! nice post!!!! the story so touching!!!! Best thai romance movie i ever seen….. Now i got 6 movies left to go…… Thx for sharing it!!!!

    You are very welcome!!! hahaah

  11. Thanks for the rec ,Jian ..

    out of the suggested,i choose the Tao Ke Noi ..It was really a good watching time for me ^^

    ‘Don’t give up…else game over ‘

    nice right hohoho

  12. googled him briefly..and the the Tao Ke noi is handsome

    Oh life… i also wan to be tao ke noi lar..

    Plan! πŸ˜€ and execute!

  13. Best way to enjoy movies/series is to listen to the original language and read subtitles, that is when you can feel the emotions of the actors/actress.
    Dubbed movies/series are bad, they sound odd and awkward.

    yep yep!!!
    I don’t watch dubbed movies too

  14. same here. No matter what language, volume must be loud. Even don’t understand the words, the expression, emotions and levels of their voice will effect our experience as the viewer. It helps us to understand, sympathize or empathize. Dubbed is a no no. lol. Even when watching anime, I usually watch in Japanese..

    uh hum uh hum πŸ˜€

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