Driving in Penang

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The other day I was in Penang and my friend came and fetch me from the airport..

While we were on our way to the office…

I had a culture shock.Β Back in my place, it’s a norm to give ways to each other.

The most shocking part is the expression on my friends. We were chit chatting happily and they turned into killing mode instantly. I can feel so much hatred, anger and annoyed. 😐 Scaryy…

Then, I found out that it is dangerous to give way in Penang as the drivers behind the car will not give you back your road. 😐

Thank God, I don’t drive in Penang else I might stranded there for the whole day.

I noticed every places have their own driving pattern. In Kuching, the biggest problem is parking. People do two slots parking, three slots parking, pedestrian walkway parking and even divider parking. 😐

Do you noticed a pattern of driving in your city?


Apology if the comic is not entertaining for today. I was in a rush (having too much work in hand T^T) so didn’t manage to brainstorm and draft my story before draw.


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Comments 25

  1. LOL. Here driving also frustrating. They will never obey the roundabout law.. just go in like it’s a straight road and force the drivers inside the roundabout to give way.. ==

    LOL XD

  2. hahaha.. normal la this is penang ppl driving style, cz we benci ppl cut lane while we dy queued so long waiting traffic light to turn green. :p

    Tapi sometimes not cut lane but the road memang diverge into that lane.

    1. sometimes not cut line, but normal coming out of junction also wont’ give way….the mindset too kiasu….if cutline, yes i agree…i also won’t give way πŸ˜€

      cutline sure won’t give but normal coming out of junction wor. i really speechless

  3. Hmmm, I drove in Penang for three years & I don’t think it is that scary or maybe I turned into one of them as well. XD

    you have turned into one of them!!! hahaha

  4. Yah it’s true bcoz if u give way to one car, all vehicles behind also follow, then u become the one who need to beg for given way.

    Anyway I usually slow down if found a car is coming out, scare knock into it. You’ll learn when to give way and when not if u drive in penang for longer time, though.

    so far i see no one give way XD all like force their way in

    1. typical kiasu…cause ppl don’t know how to “give way” and “take turns”. if one go, they want to all go…hai that’s why so jam….1 lane can become 3 lanes

      hahaha island mentality?

  5. Hehehe u forgot this 1… whn yellow light suppose to b ready to stop but some of us here in kch is ready to go or they even speed up to drive pass before it turns red.. lol

    haha this 1 all over malaysia XD

  6. And back in Sarawak we don’t honk, I don’t know if my dad’s car’s honk is still functioning. Haha.. Driving in peninsular, I don’t give way one cuz have to adapt to the environment πŸ˜›

    Yealo do what romans do in Rome XD

  7. Oh my…really?
    Never thought of that when I went to Penang before.
    Sounds scary…

    Last time they used to honk a lot.
    Nowadays lesser tho then i noticed this

  8. kuching ppl won’t park 100% inside the parking slot! it’s so annoying! it’s like kiddo colouring and they literally don’t want to colour inside the box! i had to keep asking my mom to re-park her car properly whenever i go back to kch. klang valley pulak ppl dun use signals… friggin’ annoying as well! dunno where dafuq they want to turn to or go to… it’s like they expect us to ‘predict’ where they’re going! argh!!!

    Exactly!! hahaha they all failed parking 1.
    i think they don’t know such signal thingy exist in cars ahahha

  9. hahaha..welcome to penang…another lesson is…when u want to change lane in Penang, DO NOT SIGNAL. After you cut i halfway thru the lane….then only signal…

    If you are signal earlier, they cars behind will know you are not from penang, and then will take advantage to bully u…

    Don’t hesitate to use your horn… πŸ˜›

    hahahahah thanks sifu!!

  10. biasa la… in penang really like that one…even some double park the slot also…the longer you stay in penang the more pro you’ll be…i also have cultural shock during my uni time at kampar, perak…

    oh why?
    they drive differently too?

    1. yup…to shocked…moo moo is the priority not the vehicles and even with car key inside the car and the car door is open and you are away for 10-20 minutes you’ll still can see your car…

  11. hahaha, now you only experience the most terrible road in penang…lucky you survived still

    hahaha i hv Penang friend else i already dead

  12. Also “why u no realize your headlights are high?”

    ya that 1 very irritating!
    sometimes i highlight them back to signal them but they like not happy 😐 swt..

  13. Haha, the dog’s eyes are so funny…from normal to surprised to DEVIL!!!

    Sometimes I also see drivers who won’t give way in Penang (like the others said…once you turn on your signal, they will zoom up and block you) but some are still okay la. Maybe half-half… (but that’s already too much. Must cut down further. Haha…)

    More than half.. i feel. hahahaha

  14. penang drivers are the worst!! no point signaling to cut lane… the other car will just suddenly speed up and not let u in…. horrible penang drivers…. drove there for a year… stress gilerrrrr… somemore the lanes in penang is already small… everyone driving big cars @.@
    too scary n stressful to drive in penang… kl drivers are much better in comparison…. at least many will give way…

    hahaha.. that’s why i was so shock too

  15. Lol. Penang Island traffic is much terrible than in KL. Not only it is almost always jammed, the road are confusing and there are so many small lanes. Whenever we go for the heart of the Island, I always avoid driving if I can.. haha

    hahaha small island so not much space for road expansion

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