Asking Dad to Go Voting.

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It’s so hard to ask my dad to go voting. Sometimes he can be very selfish and only care about himself and people around him only. In my opinion, sometimes it’s not about us only but to other Malaysians too, to the people who we don’t know and not even met before but suffer, and also those who have yet being born to this land, like our children.

Luckily, the grandchildren part manages to convince my dad to go vote. XD hahaha..




(The next day)

and now I have a promise to fulfilled. >.<

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  1. Ya lo. Where are his grandchildren; from Miao and not from his sisters? XD
    We’re waiting for Miao Jr, they would be cute little kittens.

    Miao Jr would be so cute

  2. Hahaha…he should have made you promise him how many grandchildren before going to vote.

    hahahha susah ler like that

  3. you still have 5 years to plan.. so don’t worry too much. you can have a lot of baby miaos. 😛

    hahaha suddenly i’m feeling old.

  4. although kittens is kawaii but once they grow up, they will turn into monster…but one kitty should be okay because I wish you see how he/she would look like..

    hahahh hv to see the kitten mom lor.

  5. Find the Mrs Cat NOW!
    Mission Sequenced: To find Mrs. Miaow

    I am having the same problem. Finding a Mr. Nana Eddy.
    Since all my friends are married, or soon to be married, the heat from my family is just unbearable…

    lol work comes first for me

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