Miao voting for the first time.

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This year election, each voters will be marked with ink to avoid multiple times voting fraud. It was said the ink will last 7 days. And so my curiosity kicks in and I tried to wash it and I managed to with just soap.

Then only I found out a shop nearby my place is offering free Kolok Mee for voters with the inked finger as proof.  but but.. TAT me and my itchy hand. huhuhu…

Curiosity kills a cat..

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    1. dunnit eat la, even though u r thin, bt invisible fat is forming around ur tummy.. :p

      hahahah pck kena shoot

  1. you should just color your finger with marker pen. it won’t be considered as cheating right? since you DID went and vote~~ XD

    huhuhu that time didn’t thought of that

    1. no ah…my voting station too many ppl…Q for 1.5 hrs to vote..reach home oledi noon lo… T3T

      Stampin area ?

  2. can use marker pen or poster color to color your paw again one…that’s what my senior doing…she use her look alike nail color polish color her nail…got to collect some freebies and sushi for lunch…

    wahhh Genius OAO

  3. aiyak….why 2 pic of paws are different color 1? one dirty gray and one white…you waste dirty gray till become white 1?

    long time no wash paw whahaha

  4. i went for lunchy straight after voting. i just let the ink be, cos don’t have the time to wash.

    and guess what, so ngam the restaurant we went was having promotion of 20% off the bill for those who voted XD

    hahahah so ngam XD untung besar lar tu

  5. lol I did get my free bowl of kolo mee on voting day! Good thing I live at 7th mile and I can just walk to polling station, vote and eat free kolo mee at Huat Huat!

    omg!!! envy jelly me!!

  6. how come you can wash it off easily?
    No matter what I do it sticks to my finger. Until a week….
    I’m so curious~~

    I also dunno why but it comes off with just water and soap

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