I love you but why you did this to me??

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Recently, I’m having weak tolerance over tea. A glass of Teh C (Milk Tea) or Teh C Peng special (3 layered tea) can keeps me awake till the next day. And coffee on the other hand has no effect on me anymore. 😐

And yesterday I had only 1 glass over Mother’s Day dinner and it makes me OvO till this morning 5am. Even the Rainymood site is not helping.

Speaking of which, if you guys happen to find problem sleeping, you can try check out this site. Rainymood.com

It plays rain sounds to assist in making you sleep better and faster. Works best when there’s other distracting noise keeping you awake.

What you guys normally do when you guys can’t sleep?

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  1. Y u so laoya 😛

    I’ll fantasize something whenever I can’t sleep. Like what it’s like living in a maison! Or pairing with Nikita on a mission. Lol.


    hmm that sounds like a good idea. shall do that next time.
    oh wait, me no want next time!

  2. Really? Never have one before.
    If I couldn’t sleep…just keep eyes closed and imagine a lot of things, something like berangan. XD

    hohoho imagine apa tu

  3. Take a repetitive/boring game and play it while sitting in a relax manner. Doesn’t matter if it’s a handphone or PSP game. If you play it over and over in a relax position I’m sure your eyes will start to -.-

    good idea 😀 hehehe

  4. Haha! The same thing happens to me too! I am ok with coffee but can’t sleep if I have tea during late of the day.

    I read some article saying that some tea contains more caffaine than coffee. I identified these are the tea that make me awake through the night: chinese tea (xiang pian, tie guan ying); tea from mamak store (mixture of few kind of tea leaves with lots of coloring and chemical).

    Tea that are ok for me: green tea, chinese tea pu-err

    One good way to overcome this if you happen to ‘accidentally’ drink tea again at night: drink lots of water, go toilet more often, you could go back to the bed sooner!

    OAO more caffeine than coffee. Now only i know

  5. Sometimes I get up and read until I feel more tired. Sometimes…I just toss and turn in bed. Haha.

    I want Miao’s fish bolster…hehe

    one day i shall make fish bolster!! 😀

  6. yeah i have that too…when i drink teh C at around 11am. I can’t be able to sleep the whole night. There was one occasion where i stayed up whole night…looking at the wall…>.< turning here and there…hey ya idea of the rain sound is not bad..i should give it a try next time.

    They say try drinking good tea…it helps. Normally cheap tea has more bad caffiene.

    Yeah you should, I just slept in one yesterday due to nightmares
    oh so good tea has less caffeine?

  7. if I can’t sleep, I usually cruise fb or read blogs on my phone.. or I get up and read or watch some tv.. I find I just get frustrated if I’m in bed and can’t sleep, so sometimes it’s better to get up…

    I also have an app on my phone that play the rain noise to help me sleep… I travel around a lot, so sometimes cannot always get to sleep straight away in strange places…

    Hope you don’t get any more insomnia!!

    thanks huhu.. now I just need to avoid tea and coffee.

    hahah i think we have the same app 😀

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