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There’s a reason why most artist hide themselves in the room. XD The process where they brainstorming could  be funny and creepy. Sometimes you might even heard them talking to themselves in the room. XD


Almost a or 2 months ago, I was invited to help out to draw something for a co-working space, Work Palette.  If you wonder what is this co-working space, it’s actually a place where you rent a space, room or seat to do your work.

Best for freelancers and young entrepreneurs who yet want to own an office of their own. Here’s some photos of the place.

Some of the drawings I did..

Feel free to drop by there to check out the rest. 🙂

If you are interested bout the place and their service, do visit @WorkPalette Facebook  and Site

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  1. Lol. Good to know that I’m not the only one who acts like a lunatic when trying to come up with ideas.

    Let’s act like a lunatic together one day 😀

  2. And sometimes artists look as if they’re crazy or something.
    Be carefull tough.

    lol be careful not to turn crazy?

  3. The place looks cool.
    If I ever go to Penang, (which I usually do since my hometown is there). I’ll give em a visit…. (if I remember) :p

    do remember! hahah

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