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  1. that’s a large amount of money for the summon. @@ i ever kena last time coz accidentally tear wrong time T.T

    i also tear wrong before. then wasted a coupon

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! I didn’t know got such offence XD I also always put 5 minutes ahead only lolx!

    Got, you put wrongly and hard to read also an offence ler

  3. Ouch! 5 minutes is enough! Then you can say your watch was quick… (seems that a lot of people said that already 😛 )

    my watch memang 10 minutes faster XD hahah but no choice, they pakai system one. can’t do anything

  4. Forgive me for asking a stupid question but are parking coupons only used in sabah and sarawak as i don’t think we have those in peninsular malaysia?

    Actually Melaka has it.
    I know Georgetown and PJ/ KL do not have it tho.
    but if not mistaken, Seberang Perai, NS, and Johor still has it too.

    As for Sabah and Sarawak, I don’t know Sabah have it or not.

    Sarawak..I only know South Kuching have it but North Kuching do not have it.
    Not sure about the other divisions like Miri, Bintulu, Sibu etc..

    1. All major cities in Sarawak got. That includes Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and Kuching. There is no escape from the ruthless parking system that seeks to sip our cash from our wallet.

    2. Klang area in Selangor has it as well.
      They started changing back to use coupon around last year? Can’t remember
      It’s a recent thing

      I see. i see 😀
      then mafan lor for the KL ppl to lepak there eat bak kut teh

  5. If I was gonna cheat I would at least put an hour 😛

    To answer anonymous’s question, coupons were used before in KL/Selangor if I recall. At least I have some memory of their existence. Phased out in favour of parking ticket machines which made cheating impossible.

    one hour is too risky. but can try in Melaka because the officer are lazier. They patrol once a few hours.

  6. I always put it 10-15 minutes. Only when the coast is clear. I scout first to see if there is any ‘camouflage’ parking warden. If you’ve done that, well, ouch. And yes, I hate paying for parking summons too.

    ninja parking warden are hard to spot 🙁

  7. I kena also before!! Hahhaha damn stupid! At times i chase after the fella when I saw him standing at my car summoning

    hahaha reminds me of one time i chase, then he said, dah buka. 🙁

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