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  1. the market sells expire food? you should sue them!! >”<
    btw, you'll feel nicer to hug a toilet roll than shampoo. =P

    i think they also not aware.

  2. you were using your poo-time to wash your hair as well right? right? right? hahahha….
    Chocolate lava does sounds yummy though…

    It is yummy. heheh
    hahaha of coz not, cant concentrate when poo and wash hair XD

  3. Oh no… but you know, if there is only one date, I would think that it’s the expiry date…

    And you should bring the wrapper back and complain!

    a little lazy to. huhu

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA… i read/hold shampoo during poopoo too if I forgot to bring my phone or a book 😛

    try read mine, coz they are in Japanese 😐

  5. you will grow stronger if it didn’t kill you… so don’t worry~.. XDDDD
    but do go to a doctor if it really make you sick.. o.o…

    hahahaah what cant kill me, makes me stronger eh? hahah

  6. Good thing the bad food was out through poop. LOL
    I often gulped expired milk by mistake too but luckily still survived~ xD

    oh my i did that too and it tasted like yogurt! yummy…

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