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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you can print out some Miao&wafuPafu t-shirts? I have too many iphone 4 covers already… :X

    It’s out 😀

  2. There was one time, I was doing my work and suddenly the papers in front of me became alive and danced with smiling faces in front of me. That was the time I woke up and realized I dozed off at work. =P

    Wahhhh what a dream you had there XD

  3. that is because you dint off your light to black out…so work never done lo~~ 😛 LOL!!

    hahahah the off light magic!
    yealo yealo

  4. hahaha happens to me all the time…except with waking up in the morning!

    hahahah feel so disappointed right

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