City cat culture shock at le Longhouse (Epi 4)

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Previously, Longhouse trip…sagging boobs ARGHH my eyes!!!



After that, we reached my friend’s pintu. Longhouse are divided into Family rooms called Pintu(door), one door is for a family.

First thing I noticed upon arriving is that everyone here speaks Iban language. Abuden. :|They do speak Sarawak Malay/Sarawak language or even English for some but with heavy Iban slang in it. I can hardly understand too.

Most of the time, I have no idea what they are talking about. All I did was smile. XD

I did picked up a couple of words like.

Nama – What

Makai – Eat

Jalai – Walk

Pulai – Back

EngKa – Don’t Want

Ka – Want

Manok – Chicken

Janik – Pork/Pig

Air Wom – Waterfall

Nyirup – Drink

Tambak – Stupid

Lol most of the words are related with what I did over there. Food, Bath & scolding PA. LOL


The longhouse we stayed are really very isolated, due to the little amount of people who stay around this area, no basic utilities are provided here as it is not profitable to do so.

My PA has warned me about this and asked me to prepare entertainment of my own for these few day. Actually, I wasn’t the only city cat there, the PA’s brother has not been visiting the longhouse for almost 10 years. So he too are not used to it.

The first thing he did when he arrived was…

=.=Β Sibling alike. Overly Attached Girlfriend and Boyfriend.


PA Papa also offered me his phone but…

*writing my will*

PA papa~~ Why you kept pouring cold water on me. T3T *i iz foreveralone cat*

Seriously, I was having a bad luck, one of the family is having a wedding dinner back in the cat city during Gawai, hence most of the families are not coming back longhouse for Gawai. πŸ™

Beside that, the solar battery to our Pintu was spoiled. 😐 So the laptop I brought with me is just a piece of useless metal there.

Lucky, I had my camera with me. So I went around and took so photos..

The Verandah where everyone hangouts because it’s freaking hot in the Pintu.

The bags you seeing in the photo are all Rice. There are so many rice that you can eat for months to year.Β As the storage hut is under renovation, hence they kept all the rice at the Verandah.

Le inside of the Pintu.

The traditional longhouse. No partition, no rooms, one big room for all. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room in one, 4 in one combo XD. Because the kitchen is in the same room, the room is usually very hot when they are preparing food.

The source of heat in the room. Our traditional old school stove. XD Cooking food the old school way because gas stove is too mainstream. hahaha

What I’m seeing next is the most shocking part of the room.

Behold, the toilet, balcony and bathroom. XD

What’s so shocking?


For unknown reason, I feel insecure..

*to be continued*

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    1. I have the same exact thought too! They produce with everyone watching ah? πŸ˜›

      now that you mention it.
      hahah that 1 i dunno XD
      then again no partition.

  1. Yeah, I also want to know…which company does PA papa use? Or did he rasuah whatever company to provide a single line to his phone… haha

    And Miao can call whoever he’s writing the will for. Right? πŸ˜›

    He used Maxis. hahah no lar no rasuah XD tho Sarawak leader is famous for it.
    hmm true true

  2. There was once when I went for a camp at somewhere away from city. A friend of mine, who was very attached to his girlfriend, kept looking for signal in the similar way like you have drawn.

    hahaha overly attached boyfriend XD

  3. aik wong=waterfall tambab=stupid engka=maybe enggai= don’t want more iban language on my blog every friday πŸ™‚

    awesome awesome!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Love how you portray Pa and her bro … Epic depiction !!!

    actually it’s P.A. (personal assistant)
    name is Mel XD

  5. I was wondering.. Do they have no “shame” feelings? uwu If I were you, I’d not going to take a bath, no matter how long you were there. X mo mandi >A<

    oh, usually, when one bath, the rest will stay away from bathroom area. and they bath with sarungs. but for us, it’s still awkward.

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  6. Haha. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be ok… I presume :p

    They can survive. Let alone you. It will be a good experience I hope. Hehe. Anyway, luckily they don’t hang any skulls in the middle of the living room. Last time, I visited a long house for Ibanese and they all hang some skulls inside the house. Creepy. Tidur lambak without partition and with the hanging skulls some more.

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  7. don’t want = enggai πŸ˜›

    btw. HAHAHAHHAHA i know how you must have felt . especially the toilets and the windows kitchen in front of the bath place /.\

    1. Post
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