AirAsia Macau Trip: Overly Social media Attached Friend

Read: Part 1234

After a 3 and half hour flight, we finally reached Macau!! Woohoo!!

I noticed that there are a lot of private jets in Macau’s airport. Like dozens of them lining up.  It seems like a lot rich people hangout in Macau. 😐

Too bad that I can’t insta (short form for taking a photo and posting on instagram) the private jet for you all to see as my camera was in my bag and my phone died on me upon reaching Macau. 🙁

Chingy, the Overly Social media/Smartphone Attached  Friend. (OSAF) Kids nowadays.. *shake head*

As a Tomcat (no longer kitten, fuyohhh hahah), I decided to nag Chingy…



Lucky for her, she did realized she followed the wrong group when she almost reached the exit door.

I have another Overly Social media/smartphone Attached Friend who must read facebook/twitter while driving. 😐  Not those who check when the car stops but checking them while driving. OAO It’s sooo dangerous!!

Do you have a friend who is overly attached to their social media/phones? T^T Teach me how to advise them.

I can’t throw the phones into the river as I have to collect it when i back to work as a River God. =.=


Breaking the Macau trip into pieces, so I can update more often 😀 Oh, by the way, Air Asia is flying to Macau, do check out flight frequencies below.

Coming up next: WTM !! This is my Room??!!



By the way, I will be drawing at Churpout this Saturday 19th October at Setia City Park (Outside of Setia City Mall) from 11am to 7pm.  (event till 11pm tho)

Do come visit me and say hi 😀 Can even sit down and chit chat. If you want, you can bring stuff for me to draw except your assignments hahahaah

Let’s have a date at Churpout LOL


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