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RoadTrip Sarawak Trip

Sarawak Road Trip 2: Sibu Street Walk

Sarawak Road Trip: Part 1

A little dark secret of mine, I have a habit to wake up super early in the morning XD. Nowadays at 6.

Anyway, be hold.. Sibu town. 3rd largest urban area in Sarawak. Sibu town is also called Little Foochow as it is majority populated by Foochows, the default lingual franca here seems to be Foochow dialect too. 😐 And I don’t understand a single word.

Morning old town of Sibu!

Morning Mr Swan!

Swan is the symbol of Sibu, if not mistaken it was due to that the majestic Rajang River resembles the Swan River in China.

An empty park. A good open space to practice Tai Chi.

Sibu Speed Boat Terminal, you can get to Sarikei , Kuching and Kapit from here. It is also the only gateway to Kapit town.

Saw this old school bus outside of the terminal 😀 If  someone refurbish it a bit and it will be a very vintage hipster bus. > v <

I love street walks especially in old towns and cities where I can see old the old heritage buildings.

Sibu does have a lot of old buildings but not enough old, maybe some have renovated and removed many original elements.

I like those with many small details.

  Something like this and those older than this period.


And I found many mini shops in there, old school shops..

le barber shop. > v < Open shop style.

and look, Wafu; look, Pafu, warm towels!! The best part of having a haircut when I was a kid.

The great thing about going on a random walks like this is…

finding treasure unexpectedly!!

*correction : it’s Super Duper Whooper Burger Soft*

Anyway, these are the softest buns I ever had. OMG > v < So fluffy so good. I wasn’t expecting this and only bought two. T3T Whoever is coming from Sibu, please bring me a dozen of these!!

I have my buns only when I reached home as I was saving my stomach for Kampua. My mission for the morning! 😀

In Sarawak, there are two types of dried noodles that populate the region, the Kolok Mee and the Kampua. Here’s a map of how commonly the dish is found in Sarawak.

A Sibu is the capital of Kampua. With no researched done, I walked randomly to find a coffeeshop with massive crowds or lines. XD

but still thank you good uncle!! sorry I don’t know how to say Thank you in FooChow.

Tada!! Kampua!!

It was real good and it’s only RM2.20!! Cheap daoo!!

P/S: There’s halal version of this dish, so do come and try even if you’re Muslim. Actually, in Sarawak we have halal version of all dishes. lol

Auntie is very shy. XD

Actually, I have another mission in hands for that morning beside hunting for Kampua.

Coming up next: The Hunt for Sago Worm > v < with video (maybe).



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RoadTrip Sarawak Trip

Sarawak Road Trip 1: To Sibu

and so let the trip begins!!

We begin our journey at Cats FM radio station. We have quite a number of  our own radio stations here like Red, X, Travel etc… and we even have our own version of MyFM, Hitz and Era FM.

The trip was in conjunction of Visit Sarawak Year, CatsFM as the official radio station for the event initiating it by visiting the Resident Office of the main town/cities. (Sibu, Bintulu, Miri, Limbang).

So first stop, Sibu off we go!! It takes 6-8 hours to reach Sibu from Kuching.

While on our way we had a brunch at Serian Town of Samarahan Division which is an hour drive from Kuching. The town is famous for durians. Every durian season, Kuchingites will flood this town for some stinky goodies.

Another one and half hour drive from  Serian, we reached Sri Aman, the capital of Sri Aman Division.  No, it’s not famous for roasted pigeons. People don’t come here to eat pigeons, tho it’s not a bad idea. lol It’s actually the Town of Peace.

very Peaceful indeed… this was taken on a Tuesday afternoon at 2pm.  (ಠิωಠิ|||)

It’s been many many years since I last stepped in to this town. I remembered it used to be very crowded. I guessed either the crowd move to the new part of the town or most of them are either in other nearby cities or in overseas. Or maybe I went there during Tidal Bore Festive which explains the crowd

Oh, Sri  Aman is famous for Tidal Bore, it’s a phenomena where waves as high as 3 metres go against the current and up the stream. Every year surfers will come here and surf on it every May during the Pesta Benak (which lies on the 16th this year).

Here are two videos on the Tidal Bore Fiesta.

This one on the Tidal Bore.

And this one on the Fiesta. So gonna visit the Fiesta this year!! > v < but but I’m lazy to drive all the way there. (//・_・//)

Anyway, it was a short stopover at Sri Aman, we skipped Betong and Sarikei (which famous for it’s Crystal Pineapple) and head over straight to Sibu. 

It took another 4-5 hours to reach Sibu from here. The road from here on was rather smooth and I have a pack of Choki Choki from Sri Aman to accompany me > v <

Woohooo!! I like Chokis a lot! Basically I just love chocolates.  \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Ehh I slept 80% of the road, so I apologize for the absence of the photos of the scenery and road.  Hahaha there’s more roads to go, so no worries (n˘v˘•)¬

Every trip took hours so basically we always ended up in the new place at night.

And being young and dangerous, our #YOLO CatsFM crusiers only search and book their hotels upon their arrival at the destination.  (ఠ_ఠ) It’s a bad move and you will soon know why soon.

Oh oh looked what I bought from Sri Aman!! 😀 Our childhood snacks and toys.. okay maybe just my childhood lol

#feelkenatipu #givemebackmymoney

Well, that ends our first day.

Coming up next: Sibu!! Morning Street Walk and the Hunt for Sago Worms!!


April Fool!! Miao!!

So it was April Fool’s Day a couple of days ago…

In case you’re wondering why the new format. It’s actually from my Facebook post. ^^ I just copy and pasta here and oh I really did won a phone on April Fool’s Day.  \( ^ v ^ )/

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