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Jian Akiraceo Room 12 Comments


That happens when my mum don’t know my another name.. “Jian: Goh. =.=

Thank God, the guy resend the parcel again the next day.


2 days to go. Still vote all the way!! XD


1. Click on the link.

2. Sign in via Facebook or Twitter or Google+

3. Go search button, Search “akiraceo”

4. Press “Vote

5. Repeat everyday when you wake up hahahaaha *thick face cat*

THANK YOU!!!! > v < You’re the BEST!!!

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      i have too many names.
      i have
      – a portugese nick.
      – an online nick
      – mascot nick
      – english nick
      – my real name (english, chinese)
      – my christian name

      all still in use XD

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  1. Eh, I too always thought Jian is your real name.
    But I won’t blame you though. I had a couple of fake names too for Internet use.
    So…when and where did you use Jian?

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      it’s my name, part of my chinese name but not my english name hahaha i use it as if it is XD
      I used jian since primary 4. XD
      only uni time it macam my english name jor since everyone calling me that.

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  2. Wait… Wait…. I meant to comment on the Gayak post! Haha opened multiple tabs. Anyway, this happened to me too. Never felt more embarrassed when I had to tell mom my pseudonym. Also, is your mama a bunny… with a pompadour? *Kacaknya~*

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