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Our last destination is Limbang. The last division of  Sarawak which is separated by Brunei.

So to get into Limbang we have to pass tru Brunei.

And so we did!

The toll to the “highway” to Brunei.

Beside going through the immigration, another way to know you’re in Brunei is when…

The road is super smooth can!!

If only we have this real highway in Sarawak.

Cursed the xxxx who said this..

Our landscape is the same with Brunei. Stupid old man. #cursedieyou

Smooth road means no more neck cracking road!!

First stop in Brunei was the Ministry of Tourism of Brunei. I found out the King aka Prime Minister aka Minister of  Tourism too supposed to meet us on that day but he couldn’t make it. That’s too bad. 🙁 It would be an awesome experience if that happens.

In case, you guys don’t know. This year is the first year of Visit Sarawak Year, it’s a campaign to promote the various festivals and point of interest we have to both the locals as well as the foreign tourists.

The theme song:

Well, my job was to follow them and document the journey across this land of hornbills. It’s not a tour trip so there wasn’t much touristy to share.

Alright, back to Brunei XD

We drove passed this majestic looking building. Not sure what it is but i think it’s the Prime minister office if not mistaken.

Le shophouse in Brunei. They have *Jawi signboards, just like Kelantan.

(*thanks for the correction 🙂 )

And lot’s of Pepsi signboards too instead of  Coca colas. Brunei love pepsi more?

I noticed something in Brunei. First,

Most of the house are detached houses with yards! Not much terrace or semi detached houses. And I believe they have super low crime rate, most of the houses has no fence.

Oh and, there aren’t much high rise, at most only 5 floors?

Later only I found out it’s a law that…

Before we left Brunei for Limbang, the team decided to drove into the city centre let us noobs to have a look at Brunei.

If not mistaken, this is a shopping mall.

Sushi restaurant. They say Brunei has awesome sushis.

I don’t believe, unless someone from Brunei wanna treat me to prove it. *koff koff*

And be hold!!!

The grand mosque of Brunei.  The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. It’s gorgeous.

While some of the rangers went in for prayers, I sneaked off and have a look more of the city.

This four buildings are part of the shopping mall. Super quiet for a Saturday evening.

The street was kinda empty too.

The only busy place was the river. Super happening like highway.

They even has a signboard in by the river.

On the other side is the floating village. The village is huge, there’s school and field on the floating village. And everyone who stays there are darn rich, the house may looked like ordinary wooden house from the outside. Don’t be fooled!!

I saw a video before, the interior is like a palace itself with glittering crystal lamps and stuff. Each house even has their own boats!

Couldn’t get too far on foot, and afraid the rest might be waiting for me. I rushed my way back.

Back there; out of curiosity, I asked…

An… unique weekend I must say to have a day separating the weekend. Well look at the bright side, there’s two Fridays (Thursday and Saturday) LOL

But still it’s a rather tooo quiet even for a working day. 😐

Maybe Bruneians no need work?

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  1. My best friend’s family who lives in Miri actually drive up to Brunei just for sushi. Hehe.
    Brunei looks so different compared to 1998!
    Same shock I had when I drove to Bintulu in May!
    The last time I was in Bintulu was in 1992 – where it was all jungle and the only attraction there was the zoo! XD

    I want to go back to Brunei, some day. Maybe when my BFF comes back for long holiday to Kuching, I will organise a road trip to Brunei. HEHEHE!

    Oh Miao! I want to do what you are doing! I want to berroad trip again! T_T

    PS: I am confirming I am not a robot, an Autobot or a Decepticon only because you have no Jaeger pilot option! XD XD XD XD XD

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  2. Wow, this is the first time I read about Brunei, and it’s really interesting.
    But the two weekend…you need to apply for a leave on Saturday to go on a vacation.

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  3. OMG YAAAAY You’ve finally reached my country 😀 -throws confetti-

    I know there’s not much here. But have you visited the empire hotel yet? o3o

    oh and have a safe trip to limbang x3

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  4. Go Kaizen Sushi. The 1 u took in the pic hehehe…. They have the freshest sashimi… but also $$$ compare to other sushi restaurants… yes. Alot of Mirians come here juz for sushi in KB or Seria then go back to Miri. Besides sushi. They also come here for shopping @ Supa Save, buying overseas products that u can’t find in Miri. *wink*

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  5. Btw. Brunei govt weekend is Friday n Sunday…. n it doesn’t apply to all. only school n govt offices n govt related companies follow that. … not private companies… my weekend is Sat n Sun. ..

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  6. Oh yeah…The shopping mall(Yayasan), which u went doesn’t have much visitors compared to years back. .. The happening places are The Mall Gadong, Times Sq, Airport Mall n maybe City Mall. The last 3 malls r side by side….

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  7. Hello Miao! I’m from Brunei and to answer your doubt: the “palace” you mentioned is actually the Prime Minister (our Sultan’s) office. ^^

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  8. It’s always fun to see what outsiders thinks about my country! I’ve only just discovered you so hopefully I can grab your book soon! I would totally treat you to sushi if you’re around. Seriously, Brunei does awesome sushi!

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  9. I am trying to do a road trip from Brunei to Kuching this end of year, Its been like ages since my parents did road-trip back to my hometown – and i thought I could experience what they had been through ~~

    Any advise??

    Love your illustration!! nice diagram!!

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