Papamiao Doesn’t Like Sushi But..

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This is a continuous from previous post with Mamamiao..

I was left with all the non meat sushi T3T. It seems both of them don’t like Japanese food btu I love Japanese food sooooo much!!!  It’s kinda predictable for them to not liking sushi since it’s Raw meat and they are not cats. Next up, gonna let them try Korean food since Papamiao is a fan of Korean Drama.

Lately, I’m letting my parents trying as much new things and new food as possible since they have been working for so long and didn’t get to travel and try new stuff.

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  1. Haha. Your Papamiao as funny as your mum.
    Don’t like but still finish them all. Cute XD
    I’m not a fan of Korean food but Japanese food win.

    1. Post

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