Happy Winter Solstice Festival

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Winter Solstice Festival or Dongzhi, is a day where family members have reunion and eat dumplings together… i think.  Well, that’s what we do during Dongzhi. XD

Oh, it’s also a day to mark that we’re gets older by a year. 😐 And you have to eat the number of dumplings accordingly to your age…

Imagine a 80 years old grandpa have to eat 80 pieces of dumplings.. OAO omg!


Anyway, 2014 is coming to an end soon. It’s been a slow update on Miao&WafuPafu lately, I truly apologize for that as I’m focusing on squeezing my brain juice for my book. lol. So by cat’s luck and you all blessing, it may be out somewhere in the mid of 2015.

Do stay tune on my facebook pages or instagrams ya 🙂 and this site too. I’m gonna post up my Sabah Day 2 and Day 3 soon. hehehe.

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  1. 80 year old grampa eat 80? My 82 year old grampa (pls note he is alive cuz im a kid) has to eat 82! Luckily, we don’t follow this tradition so we eat as much or as little as we want ;). Anyway my grampa is very very strong and can drive, cook (though gramma normally cooks), and run. He likes jogging in the evening. My gramma is less sporty than my grampa but she can walk, drive, and cook.

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