How to Shop for Chinese New Year Snack

Jian Akiraceo Festive Season 3 Comments

Do you have a problem on what snacks to buy for Chinese New Year?

Should I buy this snack, or should I buy that snack? Troubled?

Well, here’s the best guide to solve that problem!!

Reason: If there’s a lot of snacks left, you HAVE to finish them. So it’s best to buy what you love to eat. XD

p/s: This guide can be used for any occasion, Hari Raya, Gawai, Harvest Day, Christmas or even Birthday.

p/s: I don’t like most cookies. They are very dry.  😛

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  1. Well i don’t really buy snacks for CNY, i ask my grandparents to buy….xD and i always eat sunflower seeds during almost every CNY. Geez, even my grandma said that i always eat sunflower seeds and looking more like a hamster, WafuPafu perhaps?

    1. Post
      1. Eat one whole packet and realize that papameow and mamameow and your lil hamster sister call you as ‘Hamstermeow’……*giggles*

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