Year of Mek Mek is Coming.

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Wheee new wallpaper .. like finally. ::1280×800::  ::1366×768:: ::1440×900:: ::1920×1080::   Hope you guys like it. It’s also a sneak peak of some characters in my upcoming book. And I just found out I didn’t upload my Raya and Deepavali as well …

Brain, What are you doing?

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Brain, what are you doing? I think my braind just overestimating itself.. =.= Related posts:Miao Beat to the BoxMovies behind the Door.Ah Girl’s New Friends

The Best Data Plan Idea

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Free really is the Best what. Okay, maybe not that feasible. Recently, Altel has come up with a contest and collected a bunch of data plan ideas during their roadshows. I believe the ideas there are more feasible than mine. …