I Fell in Love in Jeju

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Jeju Island is surrounded by a few other smaller islands. The biggest of them is called Udo Island which means Cow Island. To get there, we need to take a 15-20 minutes ferry.

It’s the start of the day so very semangat to take pic and pose around hahaha


The ride was super bumpy no thanks to the rough sea. It was super scary lor, just like a cat, I’m very afraid of water one. Then again, it kept us company. XD


Udo Flying Ice-Cream Peak

There are tour bus at the Udo harbor, so just hop on it, and it will ferrying you to the interesting spots around the island.

We don’t have any cliff in Malaysia, so when we saw this we were excited.

Although, the sky was cloudy but the view was still very pretty.

It didn’t stopped us to take lots of photographs.

Die die must take an emo-showing-my-hairbun-shot hahaha

Jeju Island is famous for their giant tangerines, so eventually you get to find tangerine ice cream.

Apa lagi buy and try lor…

but I forgot to do the conversion before I buy. Maiku, it’s the most expensive ice cream I ever had in my life. Must take a photo to memorize this moment.

By the way, this place is actually called Udo Peak but I named it Flying-Ice-Cream Peak because…

the wind was very very strong OAO!! My Ice cream kept getting blew away by it.

Wei, don’t like this, my ice cream very expensive one leh.

There’s two options you can choose to do there, one to walk up to the top of the peak with the lighthouse or walk down to the sea side. We chose the latter one as we did not have enough time to spent there.

This is such a good place to be emo. XD


The bus then dropped us off at the side of the road.

It was a seaside with a lighthouse at the end. This place wasn’t as interesting as the Udo Peak but it was a good walk and we spotted some interesting stuff.

Some horses by the road. (P/S: They eat horse meat there.) One of my friends managed to hand fed them without permission. hahaha

Another is these! Fresh Sashimi! There was a shop with a lot of uncles and aunties inside. The rule of finding a good food is looking for a shop with a lot of customers. So we went in and ordered the smallest plate and it costed us RM120. – _ – *please kill me*

In case, you are wondering what are those, there are Abalone, Sea Slug and Sea Snail. If you’re there, don’t ordered them… because

they are freaking HARD! So hard that I didn’t get to bite off a single piece. 😐

I would suggest you to keep your money for the next dish.

Hallasan Fried Rice at Rodem Garden Restaurant, Udo Island


The Hallasan Fried Rice is actually Spicy Pattaya Cheese Fried Rice.

First, you are served with Spicy Rice Cake. After you are finished, they will put rice on the same hot plate with the left over sauce and stir fry it, and topped it with plenty eggs and cheese.

So simple yet so good OMG! So gonna make this at home. Egg + Cheese + Fried Rice = Awesomeness

Remember to look for this restaurant, Rodem Garden Restaurant ^ ^

…by the beach..

..with a friendly Husky.

Fall in Love with Sangumburi

We went back to Jeju island after the Hallasan Fried Rice lunch.

They brought us to this park. It was there that I…

I fall in love….

with grass (lalang). Omg the place is just lovely!!

It’s just rumput lalang but it’s so pretty. Cincai take also cantik hahaha

All of us went crazy over there and starting to take photos here and there as if we never seen grass before. Actually, grass yes, but silver grass no. hahaha

Lucky got a blogger friend with me, so I can used her as model hahaha.

Tak tahan, i also joined in. “Annyeonghaseyo”

You only get to see this silver grass scenery during the Autumn. If you come during the summer or spring, it will be just normal green grass you have behind your house.

On the right side is the volcano crater but it is now covered with trees.

Samguburi, definitely a must visit place in Jeju. It is my most favorite spot of all the places we went to in Jeju.

Love this photo the most, it’s like the cover of a drama series hahahaha XD

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