Solo Backpack in Myanmar – Airport to the City

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Last year, I went backpack on my own to Myanmar. I supposed to have a travel partner but the fella put-me-aeroplane without a single word.  If you are reading this, you owe me a good meal cause you belum pay for the flight ticket !! Pfft! LOL hahahahahaha

The flight took me 3-4 hours from KLIA2. If you’re planning to visit Myanmar, you need to have a Travel Visa. You can either do it online or at the embassy in KL for a fee of 50USD. It takes 3 working days though.

Once you reached the airport and passed the immigration. Remember to change part of your money from USD into Kyat (Myanmar currency -only available in Myanmar) as it is best to deal in Kyat on the street.


From there, you can grab a cab from the taxi booth for around 8000 kyat to go to Sule (Sule pagoda – city center).

The first pagoda I saw.

I was lucky to be able to bump into a Burmese wedding when I was on my way to the city.

And Burmese people are very sporting lor, they even willing to pose just for me. 😀


Instead of the city centre or Sule, the taxi uncle had dropped me off at “Mile 10” at half of the rate as I wanted to visit the pagodas around that area before grabbing a no.51 bus to Sule which would cost me 200 kyat. #savemoney

Then, I found out the taxi uncle thought I was a Japanese as he…

I don’ know why but I didn’t deny it and decided to play with it and said my name was Akira and Sayonara to him. XD

This was the first Burmese pagoda I visited there. I don’t know the name though. Lol

Approximately an hour of lepaking at the pagoda, I went to take a bus.

In Myanmar, they don’t use the common numerical 1, 2, 3… system but instead their own symbol. So it will be best to ask the taxi driver for the Burmese numerical symbol or you can ask the people there about “Sule”. Do take note, most of them doesn’t speak English.

Le me in the bus. The locals were so generous, as they found out that I’m a foreigner they actually gave up their seats for me. #mukabukanburmese

To be continued




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