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Siem Reap 8 : Everything in USD

So I got hungry in Angkor Wat…

Normal Fried Rice cost 8USD (35MYR). How to eat? I shall starve myself in Angkor Wat.

Lesson learnt, always entered the Angkor Wat UNESCO with a full stomach.

It cost around 1.5USD to 2USD per plate back in town.

Speaking of which, have you guys register as voter? Please do, for the sake of our future.


Animated Miao!!

After 2 months of work, finally it’s done! XD My very own animated video.

Tho it’s just a trailer for my books and far from being a complete but it’s a start! Hopefully we will have fund to run a whole season.

In case you’re wondering why the lack of updates, I do update but on my Facebook as I have some issues with image hosting at the site here.

Do drop me a comment if you only can access my site and not my Facebook, then I will try my best to keep the site as updated as my Facebook. 🙂


Siem Reap 7: Buy Sir Buy

So after exiting the temples, there were a lot sellers…

I’m those people, sales person always ignore one. XD

Support miao to get some baju:



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