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Cambodia Trip

Siem Reap 3: I lost the fight.





When you have a friend that never listens…

Cambodia Trip

Siem Reap 2: Bicycle or E-Bicycle or Tuktuk

So to travel around Angkor Wat we need some transportation.

:: To be continued::



Cambodia Trip

Siem Reap 1: The Town

First impression of Siem Reap: Dusty.

First thing to do when we touched down is to fill our stomachs.

The best place to go is the central market.

There are so many things to see, beside the unique food and ingredients, it’s a good spot to capture the locals scenes.

It’s kinda a mixed feeling to visit the market tho, no matter how I enjoying people watching, it always sadden me when I see stalls that does not have much customers and you can see a little sadness in their eyes. If you ever going to buy any vegetables or ingredients, try visit a market instead of a supermarket.

PSA: There’s no need for a Tuktuk ride in the town itself as it’s not that huge and you get to see more on your foot.

There are many shops like massage centres, souvenir shops, pubs, cafes and also food stalls all along the street.

Just that most of them only open at night or late in the evening. Oh oh, there’re a couple of night markets (tourist version) around the central market too.  Good place to hunt some gifts for your friends. If you want to visit some local night market, it will be a distance away, probably 10 min tuk-tuk ride away.

Oh another reason for you to walk around the street is that you can even grab an ice cream by the road side.

#icecreamislove #loveisicecream #butbeeronlycost50cents

Do remember to have a wet tissue and sunglasses ready as it’s super dusty!

I have no idea where all this sand comes from. The whole road is cover with sand.

::To be continued::

(Angkor Wat here we come)



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