Siem Reap 8 : Everything in USD

Jian Akiraceo Cambodia 2 Comments

So I got hungry in Angkor Wat… Normal Fried Rice cost 8USD (35MYR). How to eat? I shall starve myself in Angkor Wat. Lesson learnt, always entered the Angkor Wat UNESCO with a full stomach. It cost around 1.5USD to …


Animated Miao!!

Jian Akiraceo Announcement 2 Comments

 After 2 months of work, finally it’s done! XD My very own animated video. Tho it’s just a trailer for my books and far from being a complete but it’s a start! Hopefully we will have fund to run …


Siem Reap 7: Buy Sir Buy

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So after exiting the temples, there were a lot sellers… I’m those people, sales person always ignore one. XD Support miao to get some baju: . . . Related posts:Siem Reap 10: Cambodians eat lots of Veg…Siem Reap 5: …