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Festive Season

How to save money while seem Atas this Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is near. So here’s a tip for all. 
and it makes you more atas while saving money. hahahah





SVA Animal Awareness Runs with Miao&WafuPafu

Run with Miao&WafuPafu this year!
3 Runs, 3 Cause!

There will be exhibitions prior to the runs to spread the animal awareness.

Medals and Running tee designs will be announced soon!
#runwithmiaowafupafu #svarun2018

Do stay tune! Like and share to your runner friends!


Come and run!


Scent Fetish…

*Sniff sniff* What’s your favorite scent? Do you know anyone who like a very weird scent…maybe fart.

If you like scent of books, get my 2 books while I working on my 3rd!…

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