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AABC Asean Traveller Contest

I am the best candidate to be AirAsia Asean Traveller’s Pro-foodie because

Crickets | Meal-worm | Grasshopper | Pupa


Woodworm | Sago worm

Porcupine | Mouse-deer | Rabbit | Frog | Ostrich | Barking Deer | Unknown Meat

I would eat anything as long as it’s a common food there,  it’s not a pet, not endangered or protected…

I would just try even it’s alive.. lol

and here’s the list of activities I will do as a Pro-foodie with the AirAsia Asean Pass:

First stop, Manila for Philippine’s famous duck egg, Balut.

They say one never been to Manila if they never try Balut and Lechon, so I shall put that on my list.

Then to the land of smiles,Thailand to complete my list-of-eaten-insect. I had yet to try all the insects.

While at it, I shall sneaked over to my favorite noodle stall for my beloved boat noodle.

And lastly, to Cambodia for their world known deep fried tarantula. I heard that said it tasted like seafood.

Then, to reward myself for eating all the exotic food with a plate of Cambodia’s pepper crab. It is also for me to compare how close the taste of tarantula and a crab is. Totally not because I love to eat crabs and pepper a lot a lot. XP

So, food please don’t run and let me eat you.


P/S: Actually I thought of making a compilation of noodle dishes in South East Asia to see how good Kolok Mee stands among them but for this contest, I guess exotic food seems to be more interesting lol.

In case you don’t know, Asean Pass let you travel around South East Asia in a month with a flat rate.


A Story of Papamiao | AirAsia Free Seats

They asked me what’s my Must Visit Festival for 2016.



This is my answer. 🙂 Sometimes is not how fun how grand a festival is but how it means to me and that someone.

AirAsia is giving out Free Seats now. Travel period from 15 Feb to 31 Aug 2016. Booking period till 28 June 2015!

Go and grab a ticket, maybe this time not for yourself but for the one you care about. 🙂

Book now at AirAsia

What’s your must visit festival?


My AirAsia Free Seats

If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats..

So what to do in Cambodia?

(image source: CN Traveller)

It’s the the largest religious monument in the world!  (* v *) amazed

We can start the trip by shooting the Sunrise at Angkor Wat in the morning!

(image from Brohard)

Such beauty.

After that, we can basically just spend the whole day in there shooting from dawn to dusk. (It’s huge okay!)

It’s like an Angkor Wat shooting marathon LOL > v  <

And that’s only one Angkorian site, there’s more sites to visit.

(image from David Sim)

We can play Hide and Seek at the Bayon in Angkor Thom or

(image from MarkAlexander100)

shoot a Tomb Raider scene at Ta Phronm.

Look at that huge tree crawling out of the structure!! Amazing kan.

After a long day, we can just sit back, relax while enjoy the legendary …

Aspara dance.

There’s a long history behind the dance, i read from AirAsia 3sixty inflight magazine the other day and found out it was created by the Royal of Cambodia in the mid 20th but was later banned during the rule of the Khmer Rouge. It’s good to know that they have revived the dance. > v <

(image from Jense)

After the show, we can just head down to the Pub Street for some night activities~~

(image from Antwerpenr)

So what to eat in Cambodia?

These!!!! Khmer Food!!

(image from Serious Eats)

including this… > v <

(image from Mat Connolley)

I wanted to eat Cambodia spiders ever since the first day I heard about it!! Macam sedap!

And we all so gonna eat that!! Right, guys?


If  only I had 10 free tickets…I gonna force them to eat spidersnyek nyek nyek


For those who are interested to go travel, do check out AirAsia site now!

They are having promotion and giving out Free Seats!!

::Click Here::

#NoLie I just got myself two tickets for next year, one to Bangkok and another to Myanmmar and I only pay RM200 per round trip where I mostly pay for the airport tax and insurance, the tickets was just RM30 per trip.

#Waitwhat Travel while you still can “physically”! 😛

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