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Wher To Eat and Sleep in Chengdu

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Where to Stay

Dorsett Grand Chengdu located at a very strategic location.

  • It is right in front of (upcoming) MRT station.
  • 7-11 and street food is 5 minutes walking distance away.
  • 5 minutes driving distance away from the shopping street.
  • Away from traffic jam.

Comfortable and Customer Service are at its best. Can refer to my previous¬†posts. ūüėÄ

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What to eat in Chengdu.

Damiao Hot Pot Restaurant

Chengdu is capital of Sichuan. Sichuan is famous for their spicy and numbing food. Damiao is one of the famous restaurants in Chengdu serving Sichuan hot pot.

We were afraid that the Spicy soup will be too much for us to handle, so we order another herbal soup based as a backup plan. And thank God, that we did, we get to switch between the two when our tongue got too numb.

Do remember to book before hand ya.

Long Chao Shou Restaurant

Here’s the place to go if you want to taste all Chengdu’s signature dishes in one go.

Ask for a full package, and you will be served with over 20 dishes.

Don’t worry, the dishes¬†are in bite¬†size, so you will get sample everything, nevertheless, by the time we at our 20 dish, we were at our limit.

Hongqiangjiyi Restaurant

This is an interesting place as they serve creative Chengdu cuisine.

And look at their interior design, its like a living room.

It’s all Chengdu Cuisine but with a little twist, either a different way of preparation or a replacement of ingredients.

Oh oh, there’s this salad vegetable that has crystallized water drops on it, do remember to order that if you’re in Chengdu. It’s good. XD Very crispy and refreshing.

One of the most interesting fact of Chengdu food is that, they eat animals that hops…

and they tasted like chicken. hahaha

Fu Yue Xuan Chinese Restaurant @ Dorsett Grand Chengdu

Before this, I mentioned that I had my best Dan Dan Mee in Dorsett Grand Chengdu. The hotel is also a great place to have your dinner as well. The Fu Yue Xuan Restaurant in Dorsett serves Chinese Western Fusion dishes.

It’s a great place to bring your clients or special one, as the dishes are an artwork on its own. We had almost 30 dishes that night, everything I had was super awesome.

I think the highlight of the night for me is this dish, Wagyu Beef. It was my first time having Wagyu beef.

Hahaha must try ma to understand why everyone is so crazy about all these Wagyu and Kobe beefs.

Many knows that I don’t take beef. I used to be allergy to it and would diarrhea if I had them but now I just not used to the beefy taste.

But,¬†Wagyu is so amazing, it doesn’t has the beefy weird taste but the good and sweet aroma of it.¬†I took a couple of it that night. I was the first time that I had so much beef on my own will.¬†


Taoping Qiang Village

If you are in Taoping, don’t forget to try¬†Qiang Tribe food.

They seldom takes fresh meat. What they do is they cut the meat into pieces and dry it on a beam. Then, smoke the meat to make its color yellow. It is said that the longer the meat was kept, the more delicious it becomes. When serving, they cut the meat into small pieces and either fry or steam it with different kinds of vegetables. It is greasy but quite tasty.

Another is Yak Meat. Yak is a type of cow, a hairy furry cow. XD It’s like beef but much more tinder than normal beef and also doesn’t has the beef taste. It’s like pork but not pork. hahahah

Grandma MaPo Tofu Restaurant

Last meal of the trip. This restaurant is located just right opposite of Dorsett Grand Hotel. Super near. They serve good Sichuan dishes with their signature MaPo Tofu.

This is good, I think its Peppery Rabbit Meat.

We had another 10 over dishes that night and more than half of them looks like this:

It’s so delicious¬†but are they trying to kill me?

or are they trying to save my flight ticket by sending me home this way. hahaha.

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Chengdu Part 2 – Everything here is thousands years old OAO

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I usually don’t overslept but god dammit Dorsett Grand Hotel bed was good lor. TvT

DanDan Mee is a famous noodle dish in Chengdu is like the Kolok mee in Chengdu.

And I had the best Dan Dan Mee in Chengdu there. I tried to have it outside on the street and it wasn’t as good as the one in the hotel restaurant. It was so good I had two bowls. XD¬†Luckily I didn’t skipped my breakfast.

Today, we gonna head out of Chengdu city centre to visit some really interesting places that i enjoyed and I think you might too if you like nature and old stuff. XD


Emei Mountain

Emei Mountain  is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. If you watch those fiction kungfu movies, you will know Emei is famous for their swordmanship XD.

When we heard the word, Mountain, we were afraid as there’s gonna be a lot of hiking to do. OAO *horror*¬†Thank God, we were short of time so we took a bus to the top station and walk (hike) our way from there to the top instead.

One thing to look out for though.

After an hour or more walk, we finally reached the top.


We can’t see anything.

Where’s the promised scenery? The promised view? T^T So sad.

Thank God the mist cleared a bit so I still could capture a few photos.

Bought some lychees and peaches on our way home.


Leshan Buddha Statue

Do you remember the movie Storm Riders? There’s a scene where they went into a huge Buddha statue and fight this fire creature.

I was so excited when I was told that we’re going there.¬†Woohoo!

Initially, I thought the statue is located remotely in the jungle or something but turned out it’s just opposite a town.

There’s even condominiums that faced the statues.You can looked at that it every day hahaha.

Boarding Time!!


Then, this happened. They stopped the ship half way so you can’t get the perfect front¬†view of the statue unless you pay for an access to the deck. Maiku (dammit), they¬†really good in taking opportunity to make money. =.=

As kiamsiap (stingy) Malaysians, we refused to pay up hahaha.¬†So here’s a angled view of the statue.¬†Nevertheless, it was an amazing sight. It makes me wonder how on earth they build something like this in the year 713. It is by far the tallest pre modern statue in the world.

Too bad we didn’t get to up the statue. Maybe next time.


Taoping РQiang Village

Although dominated by Han Chinese, there are many other ethnic minorities living in Sichuan. One of them is the Qiang ethnic live mainly in the mountainous region in the northwestern part of Sichuan on the eastern edge of Tibetan Plateau.

Taoping Qiang Village is located in Taoping district about 163km from Chengdu city.

Founded in 111BC, this village is super duper crazy old OAO, older than Jesus lor.


This is our guide, a Han-chinese but dressed in Qiang traditional wear.

There are 98 households in this village and the amazing thing is they are all linked together. At least one of the wall is shared by another house. OAO!

¬†So basically it’s like a¬†BIG¬†village sized house. This could be the reason how it survived earthquakes over the century.

The towers can go up to 7 floors

They are air-drying the corns to feed the pigs. I gonna air-dry my fat miao too XD

The village has underground water system and air flow system that works like an ancient air-conditioner too. Making the whole village super cooling.

Inside of the house

Not only that, it also comes equipped with maze and traps for those intruders and enemies that enter the village.


The tour guide brought us through one of it and showed us all the traps. It was so cool!!!

What an advanced thousand years old village.

The down part is that you can only find old people and kids in the village as all the young adults are working in big cities. The same happening in the longhouses in Sarawak.

No Qiang ladies to see T3T. #sad

Oh, here’s a shot¬†of the amazing village taken by my friend from a viewing deck. See how huge it is.

If you have extra time in Chengdu/Sichuan, must put these locations into your itinerary lor.


Ahhh….after hours long of walk and travel, it feels so great to be back at¬†Dorsett Grand Chengdu hotel.

What even best is to have a bathtub to soak the whole sore body in. ^ v ^ Feeling so much better after it.

I even called for a room service in the midnight.

Wahahaha. Best! 

I not sure whether room service suppose to be 24 hours or not but the one at Dorsett Hotels was. XD

Eat full full sleep is the best. XD Good food Good sleep man.

Thank you Dorsett Hotels for making me fat.


Part 1 | Part 2

China Trip

Must visit places in Chengdu City – Part 1

Time to travel again with Miao! This time we are going to…

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

ChengDu, the capital of Sichuan province.

I visited¬†Chengdu last month and it was more awesome than I expected. I went to Guangzhou before and I didn’t like it but Chengdu is totally different. You know I’m a sucker for architecture. And this city has it all from hundreds to thousand years old buildings.¬†<3

Check out this random building by the road side.

Anyway, here’s a list of where I went to in ChengDu city on first day which I think is a must visit if you’re in ChengDu.

Chengdu Panda Research Centre

Chengdu is the homeland of Panda. So, how can you go to Chengdu without visiting them.

Remember to wear a comfortable shoes when you come here as this place is huge.¬†The pandas have their own bungalows with an air-conditioned room and¬†a big green yard. And it’s like 5 minutes¬†from one viewing spot to another. There are two types of Panda to look at;¬†the famous Giant Kungfu Panda and the Red Panda (which biologically not a panda).

Later that, we found out that the weather was too hot, so all the Pandas were hiding inside the aircon room.

#GoodlifePanda sits in the air-con room eating sugarcane. =.= Geram I tengok.

But damn, they looks so fluffy. I heard that you can hug with a payment of few hundreds USD.

That’s like a thousand RM. O_O


Wuhou Temple

Wuhou Temple or Wuhou Memorial Temple is actually memorial site dedicated to Zhu Ge Liang (181-234 AD), he was the minister and military strategist for Emperor Liu Bei (161-223 AD). If you know the history of the Three Kingdom, then you would know who they are. The site is also dedicated to Emperor Liu Bei where his graveyard is in this site.

The interesting part of this site is that it was built during the Qing dynasty in 1672 and the place is well maintained until now.

These are all statues of the ministers and generals of Emperor Liu Bei.

Somehow, walking through the big-garden-liked site is like walking into the past. Just imagine, the Qing Emperor and minister once walked the same tiles and path you walk on.


JinLi Ancient Street

Located just next to the temple is the an old pedestrian street built in the Qing Dynasty. In 2004, it was renovated into a food street and now opened to the public.

Although it’s a little touristy but I really enjoyed all the old architecture buildings. It can be a good spot to take some hipster shot but…

there’s a problem…

It’s so crowded. OMG!

There are two parts to the street food, the first part was filled with bars, cafes and restaurant and at the end of the street are all small shops selling many Chengdu street food.

I didn’t tried much as I was still full and we were heading for a steamboat dinner soon after that but I did tried this as it was highly recommended.

Pineapple sticky rice,¬†it’s not as good as mango sticky rice to be honest.


Wide and Narrow Street

Jinli is not the only ancient street in Chengdu, the other one is the Wide and Narrow Streets which can traced back all the way to Qing Dynasty too.

So pretty, right? I just love how they kept all the old buildings and turned them into a commercial street and not let them gone wasted or destroyed. If you love taking photos of buildings, you should come here early in the morning before the shops open. Once it opens, the place will be flooded with people.

I actually went there twice XD Once in the day and another time at night.

It looks even amazing at night.

Check out this Starbucks Coffee. ¬†Why we don’t have a longhouse styled Starbucks here? T3T

This one looks so much like a scene from a movie hahaha.

And yes, it’s still crowded at night too. XD


Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel

After out since 8am in the morning, we were finally back at hotel.¬†We stayed at Dorsett Grand in Chengdu. It’s great place to stay as it is strategically located right in the middle of the city.

It will even better later when the new metro station right in front of the hotel finishes in a couple of months.

It feels great when the hotel staff warmly welcomes you whenever you’re back. ^ v ^

And this is my room~ So comfy~~

Just what I need after a long tired day, fresh juicy fruits~ They even drop a welcome notes with some tourist information. Sometimes, it’s this small heart warming thing that hotel does that makes¬†the difference.

For more information, feel free to check Dorsett Hotels, they have hotels all over Asia region and UK.

Hey, my fruits!


If you like Pandas and ancient buildings and streets, hope to AirAsia site now and book your ticket. XD

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