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Sabah Trip

Sabah Day 2: Sapi Island

On the first day, we went up to the mountainous region of Kundasang, so for the second day, apa lagi! To the Beach!!

KK is really blessed with many nature getaways. The marine park which consists of 5 islands with white beaches and clear blue sea is just 15-20 minutes boat ride away from KK city which is like super duper near. It’s like getting to the 7-11.

It was a bad morning that day as I was coughing like mad since the day before.

but that did not stopped me from breakfast. XD Breakfast is a must especially on trips.

I found this shop that sells Tuaran Mee via Internet. God bless internet. I love the noodle’s texture, it was very springy. A must try noodle in KK as you can only find Tuaran Mee in Sabah. I always like to order something different when I go travel.

After the breakfast, we gathered up and head over to the jetty.

The jetty is just 5 minutes drive from my apartment if there’s no jam.

As expected, there were a lot of people. We waited about an hour for our boat.

To be honest, I’m afraid of water. (Well, I’m a cat *koff koff*) hahaha I will sweat whenever I’m nearby the sea or huge river or even drive across a long bridge. Then again, I love water activities and fishes especially fishes on my plate barbecued.  *koff koff*

Sapi Island

There’s 5 islands within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, we were arranged to go to Sapi island as it was a better one for snorkeling. Snorkeling is actually pretty cheap, It’s only RM23 for the boat ride, and another RM15 for the equipment rental. That’s all. XD

I never been to any snorkeling-scuba-resort-beach island before. This is my first and was very excited for it.

The sights upon arriving the island..


Omg, wait what! Time to jump into the Sea!!

oh have to pay another RM5 i think for the park entrance.

*throw money at the counter*

*Runs into the sea*

Remember to go to the beach facing front, it’s more happening there. More corals and fishes.

Sorry no underwater photos but it was fun chasing/stalking the food..i mean fishes around.

The Sea is so awesome~~~ Probably not that scary anymore~~

Sadly, it was not as colorful as I imagined and saw from the TV. Then I found out the corals are actually dying. 🙁

Tourism is killing them slowly. No wonder certain islands has a restriction on the number of visitors per day.

We spent like almost 6 hours there but it felt like only 2 hours hahaha time really flies there. A miraculously my cough and sore throat was cured there. There wasn’t  a single cough over there.

If it’s not because of a storm was heading toward the island else we would still hangout there. In one second, everyone was in the sea chasing fish, and a second later everyone was on the jetty looking for their speedboats and can’t wait to escape the island.

We were going through the open space while the other boats stick to the side of island which seems to be much more safer.

After stucked for a minute or two, they managed to start the engine back and we managed to reach the jetty before the storm hits. The Sea is still very scary. LOL


Second day Itinerary:

> Breakfast

> Snorkeling/Diving in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

> Relax in KK


I heard Sapi is a better location for snorkeling compare to the rest. I’m not sure as I wasn’t very very amazed with the corals and fishes in Sapi Island.


Sabah First Day: Up Kundasang

Wheee finally I managed to visit Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. One of the 4 states of Borneo.

Reaching KK early morning somewhere around 8, we decided to visit Kundasang on the first day.

Kudansang is a town in another district located almost 2 hours away from KK City.

To start the journey, we had Shen Rou Mien, (literally means Raw Meat Noodle). Non halal tho.

The noodle texture is kinda like Kolok Mee but thicker. Not bad I like it.

Gosh, the road is so winding. Do remember to open up the vehicle’s window if you’re sitting in the last row. The fresh air may helps to make you feel better.

One word to describe it: MAJESTIC.

At first, we mistook a high mountain for it but after inspection, we found out there’s a huge mountain popping out of the clouds above the mountain. It was so enormous and stood so high apart from the rest.

Hopefully one day I get to climb up the Mount.


Kinabalu National Park

First stop, Kinabalu National Park. This is the entrance and also the starting point to hike up the Mount Kinabalu.The driver thought of driving us here to have a view at the majestic mountain at a closer distance.

Too bad when we were there,  Mount is hiding behind the clouds.

I have no idea what this building is. There’s a cafeteria,  rooms and even a small information room on Mountain Kinabalu at the top floor.

If you happen to be there, do remember to grab a stick of Avocado Popsicle! It tasted like Kuih Talam more tho. LOL Then again I love Kuih Talam, so it’s all good. hahaha

Check out the crazy hiking record while you’re there too. Normal people takes 2D1N to complete the hike, these people done them in rest than 3 hours.



Poring Hot Spring

Next, located about 45 mins away, it’s the Poring Hot Spring. Since we have hot spring back at home, we didn’t went in the pools.

Located further inside the Hot Spring centre, there are Canopy Walk. This is fun but kinda scary tho as it swings when a strong wind blows. It takes 30-45 minutes to complete one round with four suspension bridges.

We took a lunch there, and it was good.



After the lunch, we went back to Kundasang, I actually kinda like this area, the view was good. It’s a town located on a small valley behind Mount Kinabalu.

There are many cheap products to purchase here. A must get is the “Keropok Amplang”. It’s selling at a 50% cheaper price compare to KK City and it’s delicious.

I just love the houses by the mountain. If only there’s a cafe by the hill, where I can just sit down with a hot chocolate and draw some comics while enjoying the cold breeze and scenery.

Deli Cow Farm

Just a 15 minutes drive away, it’s the Deli Cow Farm.

And this place doesn’t look very “Malaysian”

So green, much cold, wow…

That’s Mount Kinabalu in the background.

A must thing to do is buy and drink the fresh milk there. It’s good, better than I expected. Please get the original milk without extra flavorings.

There’s a calf pen located behind the Deli Farm Center, and it’s open for public viewing. It’s kinda fun touching the calf, the only problem is that they wanna eat my miao plushies. =.=

Back to KK City

The road back was also very dizzy.


– – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – –

First day itinerary:

KK City

-> Kinabalu National Park

-> Kudansang

-> Hot Spring (can skip actually)

-> Kudansang Deli Farm

-> KK City

– – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – –

While on the way up to Kundasang, you will pass by this place.

you can drop by if you fancy things upside down.

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