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Singapore Trip

Miao in Singapore !!

Read part 1 first if you haven’t

Was nervous at that moment but later that…

Don’t you hate it when your phone dies when you need it the most?

So I didn’t manage to change any Singapore dollars that morning. The stupid Money-Exchange-Stall never open the shop even at 10am. @@

Then I thought I can just get everything I need when I reach Singapore. At first I thought the Queenstreet bus station would be a building with many stalls/shops inside but turned out it was a small deserted bus stand. @@

I didn’t know the place very well and had no idea where to go to. Then, I thought of calling my friends but my Malaysia phone account was out of credit, hence no roaming can be done.

As there were no shops around, I wasn’t be able to get a Singapore phone line. Even there is, I can’t even buy one without Singapore dollars. So the first thing to do was to get some Singapore dollar in hand. Then, I realize I can use the GPS on my phone to find my way but turned out my phone battery was almost dried. =.=””

It was then, I felt kinda helpless and insecure without any money and phone.

How about you? What if you’re to choose to not have an item with you, which will you choose to? A wallet or a phone?

Suddenly, I realize there something that might save me and get me out of there…

Kekeke.. come guess what it is.. 😛

Continues here..

Singapore Trip

Miao’s 2nd Day in Singapore.

Warning! Warning! Massive amount of images ahead!!

continued from previous post…

Surprisingly, nothing happened at night and I was able to sleep sweetly and soundly to the morning.  It was the 2nd day of the trip where we’re having a small tour in Singapore.

Link Hotel

Vernice, my breakfast and YC

Woke up 7 in the morning, I went to the nearby 24 hours mart to get my breakfast and met Nuffie Vernice and Hidden Gem winner, YC on my way back.


Our first destination was the ChinaTown. It was so early that there’s hardly any cars or people around. Even the shops are all closed. Good for photo taking tho. XD

Snap Snap Snap!

There are couple of times where the car and I were waiting for each other. Hahaha…

I’m not used to the feeling of  having a car stopping for me.

ChinaTown Heritage Museum.

After a short walk around Chinatown, we were brought to this Museum inside of Chinatown. Quite an interesting museum I must say, it tells the story of when, why and how Chinese came to Singapore back in the old days.

Nice place to visit but not much stuffs to snap.

Saw this temple on our way to  meet the URA monster. I wondered why they didn’t bring us here. I think it would be a nice place to go.

URA “monster” Centre

Tada!! the URA Centre where the URA monster is kept. Its actually the Urban Redevelopment Authority Centre, something like a Museum. The centre not only tells about history but future of Singapore’s development as well.

You will be amazed on how green and well organized their city development are.



Hahaha the two kampung guys.

Its not that we never see one before but just don’t know why,  was so excited that time. XD

Lucky for us, we managed to spot the rare URA monster in the centre. 😀

Maxwell Food Court

After the small tour in the URA centre, we headed over to Maxwell Food court which is just opposite of the building for our lunch.

The lunch wasn’t that bad, I had Pork Chop Curry Rice with Omelet, Pineapple juice and Cha Kueh.

Red Dot Design Museum

We did a small walk around Maxwell  Food Court after our lunch and saw this museum around the corner.

It was all red, just like our Melaka’s Red Houses.

The entrance fee was so expensive that we didn’t went in.

On our way back, something happened…

Seriously, we did not know how to cross the road. We thought of crossing it the Malaysian’s way but we’re in Singapore. And we heard someone told us before that simply crossing the road we get ourselves fined for SGD200. @@ Though we noticed a lot of Singaporean crossing the road without care but we were still reluctant to do it.

In the end, we walked another few metres ahead and found ourselves a zebra crossing. LOL.




Another half day to come. 🙂 Hopefully you guys are not bored by my long Singapore post.

I will get back to my usual short and simple post after these SG post ya. ^^

And again sorry for my Grammar and English. 😛

Singapore Trip

Miao’s First Day in Singapore.

Check it out: Do check out this video clip done by BakKutTeh, a team from Malaysia who is participating in an international competition called “The Best Trip in the World” organized by Taiwan Tourism Board. Do give some support as they are competing for NTD 1 MILLION grand prize.

We finally reached Link Hotel in Singapore!


O.o The Sea of Bloggers.

I think I see someone trying to open her eyes there and another fella picking his nose. Hahahaha.

Upon reaching the place, a blogger came up and asked me whether I’m akiraceo..

What a funny girl ^^

So am I chio? (pretty/hot)



After a long wait, all of us managed to check in to our rooms.

This is basically how the room looks like.

That’s my bed next to the window which is right in front of the TV. 😀 Purrrfect!

A view from the another corner of the room. And that’s my Lappy wife on the table.

If you look properly, you can actually notice I’m using my Miao wallpaper too. 😀

I ensure you that you don’t wanna know what is in there. XD Hahaha



Being a foreign finalist for the blog award, I’m not allowed to bring guest along with me.

Which eventually means I have the whole room for myself!!!




But when at night….




Luckily nothing happened…




or maybe something did happened.

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!

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