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Thailand Trip

Hatyai 2: In Search of Nom Nom..

Welcome back to Part 2 of Hatyai post.

I’m sorry for the difference font use in the photos as I prepared this post at two different time.


Miao was shocked when he first arrived in Hatyai Airport.


And you guys were right, there was a big crowd outside of our plane. There were people welcoming us, it seems like this inaugural flight to Hatyai some how is a big matter in Hatyai. There were even people from media taking photos of us as well as recording for the news. If you happened to see this guy in white with a mask on. Well that’s me. *waves~~* XD

Here’s some shots of the crowd and the airport.

Took some photos,  we went into the terminal…

for our first FML moment. :/

For a moment there, we thought it was Thai. It took us a while to catch up and realize it was English. The accent isn’t that bad actually, just need a few minutes to adjust to catch up. 🙂



Anyway, the custom inspection went through smoothly..

No one suspect nor notice anything and we manage to get ourselves in Hatyai, Thailand!!

Or I would say Hotyai!!!

Seriously, the weather is freaky hot! I thought Malaysia is hotter when it is nearer to the equator but I was wrong, Thailand is surprisingly hotter @@. (Just realize being nearer to the equator is actually further than the Sun) I remember I used to laugh at people from HK or Taiwan complaining about how hot Thailand is. Well, I’m so sorry, I will not laugh no more. T3T Forgive me..


Luckily, the hotel guy was already waiting for us at the entrance and we headed back to the Hotel straight. While the driver get us to the hotel, all of us tried to get to know each other even more and had a small chat about blogging and stuffs on the van.

After half an hour (more or less), we reached JB hotel which located to the North of Hatyai, some distance away from the city center. The cool thing was all of us were given a room of our own, a room of this size. 😀

But the uncool thing is I was relocated to another floor with the rest. :/ Everyone else were staying on the 2nd floor while I’m staying on the 1st floor.

We asked for a room exchange but was informed that the hotel was full which doesn’t seems to be possible but the rules of thumb is never ever insist on a room exchange when they told you the rooms are fully booked. Why?  because the rooms might be reserved for “others” …

Anyway, without wasting any much time, we put down our luggages and headed out in search for some food.

And we doing it on this..

TukTuk! Our main transport for the whole trip..

I just love the TukTuk ride, its like riding a bike, bumpy and windy.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the city’s center and the driver dropped us off by the street.

There’s one problem to that..

Seriously, no idea. None of us manage to do enough research on where to go. @@

Our fate lies on a city map that we got from the Hotel…


(P/S: Bring us to Holland means bring us to no where..)

I just like to travel and explores places with a map. Its feel so adventurous and the feeling of satisfaction when you reached the destination is so goood. I did something like this before when I visited Penang and went to a lot of places with just a map and a car. Unfortunately, this time was bit different because the map wasn’t helpful at all because the indicators on the map has no names to it. You never know when you reached the restaurant/cafe. :/

So eventually, we just walked towards an area with the most food signs on the map.

Amazing power cables. Its like the whole city’s cables connect to a single point XD

Walk aimlessly. :/

Strangely, the street was very quiet that day. Not sure its normal or not but it’s way too quiet. No idea where’s the local crowd is.

There are hardly any shops open, local people walking around or even cars. Hmm..

With some help from a kind uncle and the very helpful cat.. Me!!! *koff koff*,  we managed to find a place to have our lunch.

Well, that’s all for today. 😛

Come and try and guess what’s our first meal in Thailand is.

And thanks again to AirAsia for the trip. And Air Asia flies to Hatyai now. 🙂

Thailand Trip

Hatyai 1: The Meetup

Let’s take a break on my Kuching stories with some stories from Hatyai, Thailand!!


Kekeke…for those who don’t know, I actually went to Hatyai for a 3 days 2 nights trip 2 weeks ago. It was my first trip to Thailand and the best part is the trip was courtesy of Air Asia. Yeahhhhhh Wooohooo Free Trip. And Yes, Air Asia is officially flying to Hatyai now.  🙂 For more information, kindly click here.

Thank goodness else I don’t think I will ride a bus for hours to go Haytai in the first place.


The trip was a last minute thing, I was actually informed on Monday 3 days before the departure. It was such a short notice that I actually didn’t manage to prepare any info about the place and stuffs. Furthermore, my wife (laptop) died on me a night before that, I can’t even do any research even I have the time. :/

Despite that, I was very excited about the trip!

Yes, very very excited!! XD My first trip to the land of Tomyam~~

And the moment when I was informed that there won’t be any guide and I will be on my own makes the trip even more exciting. Imagine going to a country I have no idea of for the first time (didn’t manage to do some research) and I don’t speak of (the language). That’s gonna be so adventurous. Woohoooo.. XD

The remaining days passed so fast and before I knew it…

Yes, there were other bloggers going with me (Thank ‘Goose’ness!) but I had no idea who were the bloggers that were also going until we met at the airport. And surprisingly, I knew one of them. Phew! 😀

Here’s the group photo..

From left to right: Jason, the Smashpop from Malaysia, Super Adrian from Singapore, Niza and Qasturi from AirAsia 🙂 , kindly ignore the masked guy (thank you) and also Iska from Indonesia.

I stole the photo from Jason’s site. 😛 I didn’t took much photos that morning as my brain and body is too tired to move d. Having slept for only 2 hours and traveled down to LCCT at 5 in the morning really is exhausting.

Despite the lack of sleeps, I was still very excited. XD The only thing on my mind that time was: ” OMG OMG I’m going to Thailand!! T to the Hailand Wooo..” Hahahah.. XD

Anyway, after an hour of hanging out at the departure hall, we finally took off to Thailand.

The flight was very smooth. Not much turbulence along the way. The view on the other hand was really nice as the plane spent most of the time over the land instead of sea, you can see a lot of beautiful landscapes as it flew over it. And the best view is the one when it flew over the Penang Island. 😀

And even when the plane was high up in the sky over the clouds, the view was really awesome too. Kekeke…I just love clouds which explains a lot about most of my website themes have clouds in it. 😛

See how pretty it is. The blue sky and white clouds. Arrr..perfect match.

*Koff koff* no photos as I was so tired that I forgot to bring my camera out and left it in my bag. :/ So sad cannnnnnn when the others are enjoying themselves taking photos of the views. You can visit Adrian’s site for the awesome landscape and clouds shots. 😀

Well, that’s all for my Prelude. Yes, this is just a prelude, the adventure will starts on my next posts so stay tune for it. 🙂

Next on Hatyai post: Miao was shocked when he arrived in Hatyai, Thailand but why??.

Come and guess why 😀

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