Coloring Book

Now you can color your own version of Kuching.


Get your new coloring book here:

I can’t confirm whether book 3 will be done or not by the time you finish coloring. hahahaha




It’s Scary

Singapore is so scary. So I filled up my tummy before I entered Singapore, if not for sure I’m gonna be broke very fast.

#myrissoweaknow #syukurnegaramasihaman

My book is available in Singapore too. Too bad it’s not selling in SGD, else i will be much richer T3T. Good for you, SG peeps.





Uber Driver

Every single time I ride Uber, it feels like an interview session. If I ride uber 3 times a day, I gonna have 3 sessions a day answering the same question. =.=

#Iwillalwaysaskthemtogetmybookintheend#elseigive1star #muahahahaha

Press this else I give 1 stars too. >:) muahahaha


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