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2012 Chinese New Year Wallpaper & 2011 Recap

The Year of Dragon is here!!!!!

I can’t find a Dragon but here’s a Baby Dinosaur with a Reindeer Headgear!!!! 😀 Hopefully, I can bluff my Dad with it. 😛 Okay!! Make way for my Dragon Dance!!! Zng Dong Chiang!! Dong Chiang!! 

As usual, you can find the wallpaper at the DOWNLOAD page 🙂

Just for the info, the Chinese word on the left side of the banner is pronounced as “Long Nian Kuai Le” which means “Happy Dragon Year” while the one on the right is “Xi Qi Yang Yang” which means “Full of Joy”.  🙂

May your 2012 a Great and Paw-some year 😀


I just noticed I forgot to do my recap on 2011. This time gonna do it in a more summarized way as I forgot most of them XD Anyway, do check them out especially the articles at Cmate, Quachee and my School magazine and also the gift I got from a reader. 🙂


– Did my very first ever design for a Wedding and ended up wasn’t the only one of the year 😀

– Reviewed by Cmate <– Do read up this where I explained what does akiraceo really means 🙂

– Wrote a post for Quachee’s What’s Your Inspiring Story <– Something related about my blogging journey

– Wrote an article for my Secondary School Magazine

– After a lot of complication, manage to send out the first batch of  T-shirts T^T


– Joined a Dancing class

– Created my first WafuPafu toy (paper toy)

– Finalist for the TOP LOL Site WWOW award

– First time on the local radio station, Hitz.fm for it

– Got myself a brand new phone, Samsung Galaxy S2

– Created the Comic Doodle Blogger group

– Did our very first Comic Doodle Blogger Collaboration for Malaysia Day


– Did the Bravest thing I have never imagined

– Received a handmade Miao&WafuPafu from a Fan, a Birthday Card from Nuffnang and a row of Skitters Lip-gloss from Canada for my birthday 😀

– Got featured on the local newspaper for the second time, this time on theStar

– Went to Singapore for F1. Courtesy of Proton and Nuffnang

– Went to Marina Bay Sand Hotel for my friend’s birthday party

– Released a Collaborative Calendar with 3 other comic bloggers


That’s all I can remember of XD. I’m really getting old. hahaha


As for my 2012 resolution, beside taking over the world before it ends..

my resolution will be fulfill what you wanna see from Miao&WafuPafu 🙂

So do let me know what do you wish to see in 2012 from Miao&WafuPafu



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