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6th Year Anniversary with Promotion!! :D

Yep! It’s been 6 years!!! OMG, I couldn’t believe it. Now, let’s see whether we can survive till the 7th. 😛

First of all, a Big Thank you to everyone who supported us. Thank you soo much. Appreciate them BIG BIG.

And a BIG sorry from us for updating slowly lately. We have been quite busy lately with freelance design work, collaborative works and also miao products. So sorry about that. My PA is coming next week, let’s hope things get better after that 😀 Hehe.

Well, since it’s our anniversary, we’re dropping promotion and discount on our products 😀 Feel free to check them out. ^^



Oh, our pre-orders are still open. Do have a look. 🙂 <-click click



And again a big thank you to all!!! 😀

Here’s a poster I made with some of the characters from my posts over these six years.

I bet no one can name them all XD

It was fun doodling this.  Maybe I can put them on a tee or a pair of shoes. XD

Let me know if you guys want me to turn this image into a wallpaper 😀

By the way, do let me know what do you wish to see more from us? ^ v ^

Now, Miao is 6 years old already, next year going into Primary school.

Let’s hope he make it XD

Nevertheless, A BIG Heart to all!!! 😀


The Last Post. This is the End. Good Bye.

If you have been following my tweeter or FB.. I have been quite emo lately…

because I’m closing down Miao&WafuPafu…

Here’s the last post..

I shall see you guys if we have any fate.. :’)

The below are just some final words, I would like to say.. 🙁








Bahahahaha!!  I’m sorry for those who fall for this prank.


Honestly, I love drawing and also WafuPafu, so they will still be around. ^^

But still, do continue to support us BIG BIG 🙂 And actions speak more motivation than words, and actions like below are super duper whooper burger welcomed and appreciated!.

– Comment all the way

– “Like” the post and “like” our page,  (HERE)

– Share our blog to your friends,

– Check out our product, if it doesn’t suit you. Use a gun to force your friends  to check out our products instead.  ( CLICK )

Hahaha.. Please help to spread Miao&WafuPafu around T^T. Pretty please… Thank youu so much.

And by godly luck, hopefully one day, I can see a little girl hugging Wafupafu plushie on the street. *dreaming* Then I can rest in peace.


Oh, A Happy April Fool’s Day to all!!

P/S: The photo is not me. I lend my friend’s photo. XD He so gonna kill me.

Then again, I could be lying. I could be not too. It’s 1st of April. It’s hard to believe anything. 😛



Oh for those who follows me on Instagram, I’m not making IC for my daughter because obviously I’m not married. (For those who don’t understand what is this about, I did a prank by saying that I’m doing an IC for my daughter where actually I’m the one renewing my IC)


April 25th is my Paw5 Anniversary…

..and today is 30th of December… =.=

LOL!!! This is a super late anniversary post!!  I have been so busy since April @@. (more on that on my coming 2012 recall post if i manage to complete it XD)

I planned to post this up during my online store opening ceremony but didn’t manage to get it on time. So decided to post this post anyway.


Below are the artworks I ask the comic bloggers to did for me for my 5th anniversary and online store.

Do have a look. 🙂

from Robin. (http://burungrobin.blogspot.com/)

from Fanikun (http://www.fanikatun.com/)

ComicsForEveryone (http://www.facebook.com/ComicsForEveryone)

Sharkox (http://www.thesharkox.com/)

Bulat (http://www.imbulat.blogspot.com/)

Bolehland (http://www.bolehland.net/)

Eric (http://ericleeh.com/)

the Bros (http://dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com/)

Chingy (http://cheechingy.com/)

Eggyolk (http://theeggyolks.blogspot.com/)

BlackSesame (http://blacksesame19.blogspot.com/)

World of Cos (https://www.fb/WorldOfCos)

KendyLife (http://kendylife.blogspot.com/)

RED ( http://www.ohiseered.com/) (new site: http://www.redhongyi.com/)


Can’t believe I have been blogging for 5 years.. Paw5 years !!!!! Almost 6 years actually since April 25th is not far away. hahaha… ha..ha *feels old*. You can check out my old anniversary posts (  2nd year3rd year, 4th year ). You can ever see the first miao designs from these posts.


Oh btw, out of all the artworks, which one do you like? 😀

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