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Tofu, the family’s Newest Member




Weee got myself a new pet!!! 😀 Its a bunny rabbit!!

And its a white one!! I named it Tofu ( beancurd ) since its white like Tofu!!

Yes, all my pets’ name ends with a fu. XD

So now we have Wafu Pafu and Tofu… ^^

Now I wondering, what I gonna do with my blog name..

Miao and WafuPafuTofu?? or Miao and the FUs??


And today I just found out something…


Remind me not to kiss Tofu. :/







😛 I haven’t got myself another new Pet but I certainly will  get a Cat or a Bunny for my next pet in future.


Answer to: What is Miao’s Response ?

This time, I confess and tell my senior the truth and nothing but the truth…

and it went like this…

the truth

the truth-1

the truth-2

the truth-3

the truth-4

Hahahaa…Okay, I lied.

Some more with a very very very FAKE and LAME made up story.. XD

And my senior…

the truth-5

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